As part of its core activities as an Institute, SSSI seeks to make its position known on policies, inquiries, and other government initiatives where spatial is involved. This high level of representation raises the profile of spatial professionals and ensures that the views of spatial professionals are taken into full consideration during policy development.

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Regulatory Boundaries

Our community has undergone significant change over the past two decades. At the heart of this have been developments in communications and media technologies, such as telecommunications, radio, television and the internet. Australia's media and communications regulations are quickly becoming outdated. SSSI is involved in ensuring the positive outcome and fruition of new supportive regulations for future growth.

Australian Spatial Consortium (ASC)

The Consortium was established to accelerate the unlocking of the potential of spatial information for economic, environmental and social benefit for Australia within key industries, and the development of tools, new technologies and capabilities relating to the fundamental future needs of the nation. SSSI is a member of the Consortium.

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National Broadband Network (NBN)

The NBN is an Australian Government initiative and represents the largest ever infrastructure project undertaken in this country. SSSI accepted the role of representing the Surveyors and Spatial Information sectors whose work depends upon the existence and preservation of the existing Survey Infrastructure.

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Space Policy

The consideration of an Australian national space policy is a relevant factor in addressing how Australia uses space to deal with a range of issues, such as climate change, weather forecasting, disaster management, and national security. The Space Policy Unit within the Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research has been provided with the mandate to                                                               approach this. SSSI an interested stakeholder in this future development                                                           for Australia.

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