Migration Skills Assessment

SSSI is the authorised assessing authority to assess qualifications and skills for the purpose of migration to Australia under the general skilled migration categories for the occupation of Surveyor ANZSCO 232212 ONLY (i.e. applicants must hold the equivalent of an Australian bachelor degree in Surveying).

Other areas of what is termed "Surveying" in other countries, such as Quantity Surveying, Valuation or General Practice Surveying, and Building Surveying are assessed by other bodies. Applications for (Surveying and Cartographic Associate) should be directed to VETASSESS for assessment.

The Assessment

The assessment is based upon the information provided to the Institute, and AEI-NOOSR's Country Educational Profiles to determine the equivalence of overseas courses as well as an examination of the experience gained by the applicant and responsibilities of the applicant in carrying out their work.

Application for Assessment (revised December 2022)

Applicants should download and read the following policy and information document BEFORE downloading the application form:

Information for Assessment of Professional Qualifications 

Processing of Applications for Assessment

Applicants for assessment of overseas qualifications must download and complete the following application form:

Application for Assessment of Professional Qualifications

The processing of an assessment will be completed generally within 1 month from receipt of the application. If additional information is required then it may take longer.
A letter will be sent to the applicant informing them, based upon the information provided to the Institute with the application form, whether they would be eligible for migration under nominated skilled occupation of ANZSCO Surveyor 232212.

Reapplication Form

Use the Reapplication Form if your original application has or is due to expire.

Internal Review Application Form

Applicants who disagree with an unsuccessful skills assessment decision can apply for an Internal Review of the decision. This process involves an independent re-examination of the decision by a senior SSSI skills assessment panel member who was not involved in the original assessment. 

External Appeal Application Form

If the Internal Review decision upholds the original unsuccessful skills assessment decision, applicants can appeal the Internal Review decision.  The External Appeal process involves a re-examination of both the original decision and the Internal Review decision by an independent expert who is not a skills assessment panel member.


The Institute only carries out an assessment of the applicant's qualifications and experience. It does not make any assessment of or make any recommendations regarding the migration application.
Any inquiries regarding the migration application must be made to the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship.

Please note that this assessment is solely for your application to immigrate to Australia and does not guarantee your employment.  You should also understand that there are different types of surveyors within Australia.  To work in mines or to work as a land surveyor establishing or re-establishing land boundaries you will require registration with an Australian Board of Surveyors.  The governments of each  Australian State and Territory have their own Surveyor Registration Boards and you may have to apply to one of those Boards to seek registration.  To be registered with a State or Territory Registration Board you will be required to again have your overseas qualification assessed by an independent organisation.  You should be aware that you may have to undertake further study and training to gain registration with a State or Territory Surveyor Registration Board.

Further Information

Please contact Julie Fairman for further information regarding the assessment procedures.

Skills Assessment Opportunity for Migrants

Opportunity for free and fast skills assessment for migrants – from 28 February 2022 until June 2023

Do you have a partner, friend or family member in Australia who is looking to improve their chance of getting a job? They may be able to get a free and fast-tracked skills assessment if they are on a permanent family, partner, humanitarian or refugee visa and have experience in a priority occupation.

Migrant Skills Incentives – Skills Assessment Opportunities for Migrants is an Australian Government initiative. The program offers skilled migrants a fast-tracked way to gain employment in a job where there is strong demand for skilled workers. This will help support Australia’s economic recovery from COVID-19.

Skilled migrants play a vital role in Australia’s workforce. A successful skills assessment outcome letter can be used by skilled migrants to support job applications, giving employers confidence that the applicant has the skills needed for working in Australia.

More information on priority occupations and how to apply is available on the Australian Government Department of Education, Skills and Employment website.