Professional Development

SSSI's Professional Development Program seeks to support the lifelong learning of spatial professionals through a structured support program that delivers a variety of learning opportunities and outlets. The Program is a structured set of offerings that allows for flexibility so that members can develop and maintain high-value knowledge and practice.

The Program also seeks to protect the market reputation of their members, and ensure a high level of quality assurance can be supplied to all members of the community. The Professional Development Program upholds these requirements and adds greater credibility and reliance on the service spatial professionals provide.

Members who participate in SSSI's Professional Development Program receive a number of intrinsic and extrinsic benefits.


  • Insurance of currency of knowledge and skills
  • Opportunity to be innovative and develop new ideas
  • Enhancement of career progression
  • Demonstration of commitment to lifelong learning
  • Involvement in numerous networking opportunities with like-minded professionals.

There are a number of paths professional development can take:


SSSI hosts and supports a full program of events each year, in Australia and overseas. These events range from networking breakfasts to international conferences. Each event is designed to provide valuable professional development opportunities to members.


Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

The SSSI CPD Program is offered in recognition of an individual's commitment to lifelong learning and professional obligation to maintain currency within the spatial industry. The CPD Program supports a range of development activites including SSSI events, self-paced learning and
on-line training.


Certification Program

SSSI Certification identifies your level of expertise to your peers, clients, employers, and the wider community. Certification allows members and non-members alike to gain recognition of their competence and integrity via a formal "portfolio-based" process.