Spatial Science Professionals

SSSI Spatial Professionals are Spatial Professionals with an edge. They don't just like their jobs, they love them. They have amazing networks and support systems, and are backed by the highest quality education and experiences.

SSSI Spatial Professionals have:

  • highly developed technical skills in a wide range of fields
  • commitment to getting the best outcomes for their clients and the community
  • dedication to self improvement and development
  • a passion for their jobs and their industry
  • access to a comprehensive spatial and surveying CPD program
  • wide networks of fellow professionals
  • Australia & New Zealand recognised specialised certification.

SSSI Spatial Professionals are committed to improving the surveying and spatial professions, regardless of their specialty. Being a SSSI member affords them recognition at all levels of business, industry, and government.

In joining SSSI as a Spatial Professional, you can be assured that you are joining a world-class group of fellow spatial and surveying professionals, recognised across the globe.