The Surveying & Spatial Sciences Institute is one of five organisations ratified by the NSW Board of Surveying & Spatial Information (BOSSI) to undertake event assessments and issue CPD Point Summary Reports to SSSI members and others.

The other ratified organisations are the Institute of Surveyors NSW, Consulting Surveyors NSW, University of Newcastle and the Australian Institute of Mining Surveyors.

We have recently undertaken a review of our procedures with regards to the management of BOSSI CPD for our members and broader community.  Please click here to view our current BOSSI CPD Policy. 

To view the current BOSSI CPD Determination, please visit their website here.


If you are looking for events that have been assessed for BOSSI points, please view our current events page here.  For recordings of past webinars, please visit our eCPD page here.

Please ensure you check the full description of the event/recording you are interested in to see if BOSSI points are offered.  


If you have any queries regarding the SSSI BOSSI CPD Program, please don't hesitate to contact the Professional Services Manager on or phone 02 6282 2282.