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Saturday, 11 Sep 2021
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

NOTE: This webinar was presented live on 11 March 2020. 

IWD Presentation by Dr Marji Puotinen - Spatial Ecological Data Scientist at the Australian Institute of Marine Science.

Marji is a geographer with expertise in geographic information science (GIS) and an ecological focus, applied in academic, government and professional settings over many years in the USA and Australia. After a decade as an academic (teaching GIS) and 4 years as a private consultant, she began work as an Ecological/Spatial Data Scientist at the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) in 2015.

For AIMS, she makes sure expensive field surveys get maximum data for the cost through spatially balanced, statistically robust survey design, and builds spatial models of marine habitats that predict what exists 'between the dots' where in situ measurements (mostly underwater video) were taken. She has a keen interest in applying spatial thinking and tools to complex ecological questions, particularly trying to predict where waves from tropical cyclones damage coral reefs - and where those same waves can help reefs by cooling the excessive water temperatures that lead to coral bleaching. She builds spatio-temporal histories of cyclone wave damage and cyclone cooling that are used to: 1) examine how corals (and other marine biota like seagrass) respond to stress and 2) feed into efforts to spatially prioritise conservation (because we can't protect everything everywhere). She is also examining how exposure to cyclone activity is changing under future climates and what this will mean for coral reefs and other habitats.

Marji talked to us about her work in the spatial industry in coastal and marine research, highlighting the importance of spatial data, tools, methodologies and perspectives to understand: 1) how key habitats are under threat from climate change and 2) to ensure conservation efforts get maximum value for cost.

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