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eCPD - Drone Industry Developments to Watch in the New Decade

Date & Time

Sunday, 7 Nov 2021
1:30 pm - 2:30 pm

This webinar was presented live on 7 May 2020. 

Tom Pils is a drone lawyer and walked through the regulatory environment for drones that will shape the start of this decade. The drone regulatory space is constantly changing in respect to technical developments, new applications, as well as the implementation of further regulations and guidelines.  In this talk Tom provided an overview to the formative developments in the drone regulatory and practitioner landscape at the moment.

1. Drone registration and pilot accreditation
2. Drone Traffic Management Systems
3. Noise Regulations 
4. Beyond Visual Line of Sight / Extended Visual Line of Sight Operations
5. Drone ISO Standard
6. Drone App Platform: CASA’s App Store 
7. Autonomous Drone Flights

The developments are both exciting and daunting as the technological and regulatory jigsaw puzzle is being put together. The remarkable thing about this period of time is that we – the industry – have the opportunity to contribute in deciding how that picture will look, while keeping in mind that it will be an ever-changing landscape. 

Join us as Tom paints the high level picture as well as being able to deep dive into details in areas of interest to participants - bring your hardest questions and best conundrums to test where the regulatory framework is most likely to impact your field work and data capture in the near to medium future.

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