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eCPD - Geospatial Automation Webinar Series Part 2: Efficiencies through Automation

Date & Time

Friday, 17 May 2024
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Geospatial automation has the power to solve complex problems, consume and process big data and improve efficiencies while eliminating human error, at the click of a button.

The series delved into data, AI, FME and more.  Speakers looked at theory, processes and application.

This second session featured presentations from:

Andrew Foddy (GHD) - Geospatial Water Planning tool

The geospatial water planning tool, an online web-mapping application that automates water scenario planning, integrates product thinking, and overlays a user’s selected data onto real world scenarios. This in turn helps enable optimum growth modelling to produce baseline integrated water servicing concepts, growth forecasts, system generation, asset sizing, and cost estimation. Using a specialised form of ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) software, the geospatial tool extracts data from Sydney Water’s wastewater, potable water, recycled water and stormwater utilities, transforms the data into a usable format and loads it into a single ‘data warehouse’ for reporting and analysis.

It provides the user with models of different growth scenarios in 2-10 minutes (accelerating a planning process that normally takes two weeks to do manually) through a intuitive, interactive interface. Sydney Water has found the visual outputs helpful, especially when discussing potential plans with stakeholders.

Peter Corlett (NGIS) - Real-time vehicle analytics for sustainable mining operations.

A large mine operates hundreds of vehicles each reporting their position every few seconds. Understanding this data can provide the opportunity to minimise fuel usage and Co2 emissions by eliminating unnecessary congestion or stoppages. Using the Google Could Platform, NGIS were able to stream and analyse this data at scale.

Christian Fellinger (1Spatial) - FME Case Study

One of the fantastic team from 1Spatial will join us to share with how the use of data integration software FME can solve problems and improve efficiency.


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