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eCPD - Webinar: Creating effective workplaces where all people can thrive

Date & Time

Friday, 4 Aug 2023
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm AEDT

This is a recording of a live webinar held on 4 February 2022
Practical tips for interrupting bias in the workplace to create a culture of belonging

There have been many conversations about the benefits of diversity and inclusion and the positive impacts having a diverse workforce can bring.  But what are the tangible actions that individuals and businesses can take to help create a diverse workforce and a culture of belonging where everyone can thrive?  This webinar brought together a panel of experts and leaders from our industry to share their research and experience and demonstrate how individuals, businesses and organisations can consciously disrupt the common unconscious biases encountered in our society to create tangible change. 

The panel addressed:

  1. The opportunity that comes with diversity (why diversity, inclusion, belonging are important)
  2. The five common unconscious biases outlined in Joan C. Williams’ research
  3. How these common biases can be disrupted with small tweaks to workflows and communication

Join us for this webinar recording, proudly co-hosted by SSSI and the Space, Spatial and Surveying Diversity Leadership Network (SSS-DLN), a group bringing together leadership from business, government and education to provide visible advocacy for diversity and inclusion within the professions of space, spatial and surveying.


The session was hosted by Roshni Sharma and Lee Hellen. Our fantastic panel of speakers is below: click their names to see their profiles!

Recommended pre-webinar viewing

Ted Talk: Why corporate diversity programs fail – and how small tweaks can have big impact

Why you should listen
Joan C. Williams is a Distinguished Professor of Law, Hastings Foundation Chair and Founding Director of the Center for WorkLife Law at the University of California, Hastings Law. She is one of the most cited scholars in her field and is the author (or co-author) of a dozen books and over a hundred academic articles. She holds an honorary PhD from Utrecht University in the Netherlands for her research on workplace bias.

Williams is known for leading original research as well as disseminating social psychology research on gender and racial bias in professional workplaces widely. She has co-authored a series of influential reports on racial and gender bias in STEM, engineering, the legal profession and architecture. She is widely known for “bias interrupters” -- an evidence-based, metrics-driven approach to eradicating implicit bias introduced in the Harvard Business Review in 2014.

Williams’s book Bias Interrupted: Creating Inclusion for Real for Good (forthcoming, November 2021) provides a clear roadmap for CEOs, HR, DEI, managers and individuals seeking to make tangible progress toward their DEI goals.


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