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eCPD - Webinar: How to Manage a Successful Career and Family while Keeping Sane.......

Date & Time

Saturday, 9 Sep 2023
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm AEDT

Recording of a webinar held 9 March 2022

Do you remember your first day of school? How did you feel? Likely a combination of excitement and nervousness, with a dash of anxiety and fear. Even as adults, similar feelings can emerge when we change jobs, return to work after a career break or parental leave. Only as a child, we think of ourselves first. As an adult, we don’t have this luxury.  As we navigate our chosen career path and achieve our career goals, we often put pressure on ourselves to be a good parent, loving partner, best friend, while running a family effortlessly (and of course managing a pandemic!). How does one successfully manage work, family and life, while keeping sane?  

Returning to work after a career break or a change in family circumstances can be daunting for many. Changes in technology, workplace culture, even understanding dress codes can cause much anxiety and confusion. These feelings are very common. Returning to work also means changes to home life as well. How do you make sure your children are picked up from school on time, dinner is on the table at a reasonable hour and clean clothes in drawers? To parents, these are genuine concerns.

How do we manage a successful career, family life and look after own personal well-being? It’s not easy!

This webinar highlighted the challenges faced by those as they return to work after a career break and those who are new to the parenting world. They shared their experiences, the changes they needed to make at home and work to ensure a good work-life balance and how they successfully balance parenting and industry leader. 


Our fantastic presenters included:


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