SSSI VIC Remote Measurement & Networking Lunch

Date & Time

Friday, 16 Nov 2018
11:00 am - 5:30 pm

Join us for the Remote Measurement and Networking Lunch at Boxhill City Oval!

Rapid technological advances are enabling measurement and mapping applications to be available to an increasing number of users without the past need for large financial layouts and specialised training.

If you are involved in any area that can consider utilising Remotely Piloted Aircraft (drones), laser scanning  for surveys, inspections, mapping, infrastructure maintenance etc. then you should make a point to attend this event, to see how the many applications can make surveys and observations quicker and more effective and transform your working environment.

Topics will include :-

  • Applying remote sensing technologies to provide useful tools to implement environmental policies and decision-making.
  • How the new technologies can complement the traditional platforms.
  • CASA Regulatory Framework Update for pilotless aircraft
  • Privacy concerns and the regulatory environment
  • Hand held Laser Scanning RPA/UAV real world uses and limitations, and UAV demonstrations (weather permitting)
  • Report on user needs and issues to determine fit for purpose UAV Results.

Detailed Program here

Program - 

  • 11.15 pm - 12.15 pm     Field Displays and Vendor presentations
  • 12.15 pm - 1.15 pm        Lunch
  • 1.15 pm - 1.45 pm           CASA RPA's and the Regulatory Framework - Paul Herrmann 
  • 1.45 pm - 2.15 pm           UAV Data Acquisition in Australian and NZ - User Needs Report - Frontier SI, Sam Amirebrahimi
  • 2.15 pm - 2.45 pm            RMIT applications as a leader in research into the use of remotely sensed data and applying remote sensing technologies to provide useful tools to implement environment policies and decision-making - Dr Luke Wallace 
  • 2.45 pm - 3.15 pm           Aerometrex - Andrew Watts
  • 3.15 pm - 3.45 pm           Afternoon Tea
  • 3.45 pm - 4.15 pm           Bentley Systems - Marc Reitman 
  • 4.15 pm - 4.45 pm           Hand Held Mobile Mapper - Geoslam Carlos Gonzalez
  • 4.45 pm - 5.15 pm           Forensic Applications Hand Held Laser Scanner - Delta-V Experts Dr Shane Richardson 
  • 5.15 pm>                              Networking

We hope to see you there!  Scroll down the page to register.

Boxhill City Oval 1155 Whitehorse Road Boxhill VIC 3128 (Corners Whitehorse and Middleborough Rds)


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