Get Certified

SSSI Certification identifies your level of expertise in the surveying and spatial professions to your peers, clients, employers, and the wider community. Certification allows members and non-members alike to gain recognition of their competence and integrity via a formal “Portfolio-based” process.
Under the SSSI Specialised Certification Program Certification is available for spatial information, hydrographic surveying, remote sensing, engineering surveying professionals, and general certification.
Certification represents: 

  • The highest standards of professionalism
  • Specialisation of skills and knowledge
  • Currency of expertise
  • Leadership



As a Certified SSSI Professional, you: 

  • Gain a mark of excellence, the differentiator in a crowd of other spatial professionals;
  • Achieve recognition from employers and enhance your career opportunities;
  • Attain an extra measure of credibility, respect and recognition within/outside the professional community;
  • Obtain recognition from Government, community and the public for your contribution to the spatial sciences.

As an employer of a SSSI Certified Professional, you can: 

  • Increase the confidence that a company’s clients have in the company.
  • Use the Program as part of a career-development roadmap for employees.


The SSSI Certification Program is available to SSSI members and non-members. Each applicant must satisfy the requirements set out by that level of SSSI Certification. Applicants must also demonstrate a set educational and professional experience requirements in order to be considered for that level of Certification.
Please visit the appropriate Certification below for more information.