ESP-AP Certification




Specialist Certification in Engineering Surveying is the official recognition by SSSI that a person has the necessary knowledge and experience to competently perform engineering surveys and associated activities.

It benefits an employee by providing recognition and career opportunities and an employer by increasing their credibility to customers.

The Engineering Surveying Professional – Australasia Pacific (ESP-AP) Certification is open to all persons irrespective of membership status with SSSI. 

A registered or licenced land surveyor may require ESP-AP certification to conduct engineering surveying work in New Zealand or an Australian State and Territory, if stipulated in infrastructure specifications. 

The certification entitles a person to be recognised as an ESP-AP and current certified professionals are listed in the ESP-AP Register here.

Under the Engineering Surveying Certification, the process requires a professional to initially demonstrate that an advanced level of expertise has been achieved, including:

  • Successful completion of particular formal tertiary education in a particular spatial science discipline
  • Achievement of further relevant professional experience
  • Contributions to the profession.

ESP-AP certified professionals are required to demonstrate and report CPD in line with the SSSI CPD Policy in order to retain certification.

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