General Certification

In the Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute, expertise is acknowledged at a general level through General Certification. Endorsement under this Certification informs the public and other professionals that your skills and expertise in the field of surveying and spatial sciences are recognised by your peers.
The General Certification process requires a professional to demonstrate their expertise through either a combination of tertiary qualifications and professional experience or professional experience on its own standing. Additionally, a commitment to a Code of Ethics is required.
General Certification is renewed each year by undertaking and reporting Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in line with SSSI CPD policy.
Both SSSI members and non-members are eligible to apply for General Certification. A professional who attains General Certification is considered eligible to join SSSI as a Full Member. Professionals that wish to demonstrate a higher level of expertise in their chosen field are encouraged to apply for specialist certification.