Call for GISP–AP Panel Members

The GISP-AP panel member assesses applications for certification or renewal as part of a team. Each individual application is assessed by a team of three, and motions to recommend certification are voted upon by the whole panel.

Duties include:
- maintaining own certification (required to be a valid member of panel)
- adhering to panel's code of ethics
- attaining familiarity with SharePoint as the Institute's document control system
- voting promptly on motions put forward by the panel
- volunteering to perform individual assessments of applications (for either certification or renewal), or otherwise, declaring conflicts of interest
- as assessment team leader, co-ordinating the assessment team, and collating the results for the panel
- optionally, promoting GISP-AP by delivering 'How to apply for GISP-AP' sessions

A panel member is NOT expected to assist potential applicants with composing their application. This inevitably leads to a conflict of interest in assessment. The SICC Committee is in a good position to find other volunteers to take on this role.

If you are interesting in joining the GISP-AP Certification Panel, feel free to contact the SICC Committee Chair on