GISP–AP Register

GISP-AP Certified Professionals

The inaugural meeting of the GISP-AP cetification panel was held at the 2007 Institute conference in Tasmania, where the program of certification was officially announced to the membership and the panel was introduced. Specialist certification is a recognition of professionalism by one's peers in the spatial industry and this register confirms those who have joined this exclusive group.

Cert # Name Region Country Date Awarded
1 Cliff Bacon NZ New Zealand 14-May-07
2 Heidi Brown NSW Australia 14-May-07
3 Robert  Bischof QLD Australia 14-May-07
4 Duncan Brooks VIC Australia 14-May-07
5 Tony Hunter ACT Australia 14-May-07
6 Tim Barker QLD Australia 14-May-07
7 Tom Taranto QLD Australia 14-May-07
8 Sarah Crossman SA Australia 4-Sep-07
9 Gunther Schlomer WA Australia 4-Sep-07
10 Alex Crothers Tas Australia 4-Sep-07
11 Frank Blanchfield ACT Australia 4-Sep-07
12 Karl Majorhazi NZ Australia 4-Sep-07
13 Nick Lawrence Qld Australia 21-Nov-07
14 Stephen Scott-Young VIC Australia 21-Nov-07
15 Dawn Hendrick QLD Australia 21-Nov-07
16 Richard Murcott NZ New Zealand 27-Mar-08
17 Peter Shoemark NSW Australia 6-Jun-08
18 Robert  Thompson QLD Australia 20-Jun-08
19 Warwick Hehir NSW Australia 16-Jun-08
20 Kaisa Kallinen Qld Australia 29-Aug-08
21 Robert  Anders Tas Australia 10-Sep-08
22 Tai On Chan Vic Australia 10-Sep-08
23 Paul Hughes NZ New Zealand 10-Sep-08
24 Dan Sandison WA Australia 16-Oct-08
25 Petina Pert Qld Australia 12-Dec-08
26 Michael Krome QLD Australia 12-Dec-08
27 Matthew  Fossey QLD Australia 12-Dec-08
28 Raymond Tabulo QLD Australia 12-Dec-08
29 Nancy Auerbach QLD Australia 12-Dec-08
30 Gary  Maguire SA Australia 12-Dec-08
31 Steve Ryan Vic Australia 12-Dec-08
32 Sue-Anne Beattie VIC Australia 12-Dec-08
33 Miles da Costa Vic Australia 12-Dec-08
34 Martin Russell NSW Australia 12-Dec-08
35 Christopher Weir NZ New Zealand 12-Dec-08
36 Christopher Pettit Vic Australia 20-Mar-09
37 Alistair Hart Qld Australia 20-Mar-09
38 Karl Warschau Qld Australia 20-Mar-09
39 Randal Storey Qld Australia 20-Mar-09
40 Carolyn Pappin Qld Australia 20-Mar-09
41 Alister Nairn ACT Australia 20-Mar-09
42 Duncan Lowes Qld Australia 20-Mar-09
43 Kristen Williams Qld Australia 20-Mar-09
44 Alan Hobson Qld Australia 20-Mar-09
45 Kerry Smyth WA Australia 20-Mar-09
46 Serge Peeters NZ New Zealand 20-Mar-09
47 Dennis Buttigieg NSW Australia 20-Mar-09
48 Pratima Kumar NSW Australia 20-Mar-09
49 Jennifer Bone ACT Australia 20-Mar-09
50 Matthew  Devlin WA Australia 20-Mar-09
51 Graeme Browning Qld Australia 20-Mar-09
52 Christopher Newman Qld Australia 20-Mar-09
53 Robert  Fulloon Qld Australia 20-Mar-09
54 Susan Burrows WA Australia 20-Mar-09
55 David Ballard WA Australia 20-Mar-09
56 Susan Hames WA Australia 20-Mar-09
57 Panayiotis Roussos WA Australia 20-Mar-09
58 Linda Morgan WA Australia 20-Mar-09
59 Anthony Dimmick Qld Australia 20-Mar-09
60 Diane Daniell Vic Australia 20-Mar-09
61 Kelsie Hains WA Australia 20-Mar-09
62 Geoffrey Higham WA Australia 20-Mar-09
63 Melanie Webb WA Australia 3-Sep-09
64 Colin East SA Australia 3-Sep-09
65 Julie  Vine WA Australia 3-Sep-09
66 Michael Oberdries NZ New Zealand 9-Mar-26
67 Rita Rashmi Overseas Fiji 14-Dec-09
68 Penny Baldock SA Australia 3-Mar-10
69 David Floreani SA Australia 29-Mar-10
70 Jessica Davies Vic Australia 23-Jun-10
71 Robert  Twin ACT Australia 10-Feb-10
72 Stephen Retallack SA Australia 23-Jun-10
73 Xiaohui Xu SA Australia 21-Jul-10
74 Imran Ali Qld Australia 23-Jun-10
75 Dipak Paudyal Qld Australia 2-Mar-11
76 Heike Apps ACT Australia 29-Mar-11
77 Susan Bavin NT Australia 29-Mar-11
78 Simon Callaghan SA Australia 18-May-11
79 Matthew  Langley Qld Australia 18-May-11
80 Alex Webster Qld Australia 1-Aug-11
81 David Coombe SA Australia 1-Aug-11
82 Patrick Burke Qld Australia 18-Oct-11
83 Jacob Delfos WA Australia 18-Oct-11
84 Gabriel Scarmana Qld Australia 18-Oct-11
85 Richard Jeffries Qld Australia 21-Mar-12
86 Geoff  O'Malley NZ New Zealand 12-Jul-12
87 Meghamala Roy Basu Qld Australia 17-Jul-12
88 Bryan  Teahan NZ New Zealand 24-Jul-12
89 Phillip Delaney Vic Australia 12-Nov-12
90 Veronika Frank NZ New Zealand 12-Nov-12
91 Vlatka Varagic Qld Australia 14-Feb-13
92 Evie Coster Vic Australia 14-Feb-13
95 Andrew Clouston NZ New Zealand 21-Mar-13
96 Sarah Inglis NZ New Zealand 24-Apr-13
98 Alana O'Connor SA Australia 23-May-13
99 Elizabeth  Moylan NSW Australia 13-Jun-13
100 Kurt  Janssen NZ New Zealand 23-Jul-13
101 Hanno Klahn NSW Australia 14-Nov-13
102 Sultana Baby Vic Australia 14-Nov-13
103 Rachel Lerm Vic Australia 26-Nov-13
104 Birgit Kruse Tas Australia 28-Nov-13
105 Matthew  Fry Qld Australia 29-Nov-13
106 Stephen Clague Qld Australia 24-Feb-14
107 Jimaima Le Grand Qld Australia 19-Mar-14
108 Mary Lewitzka SA Australia 21-Mar-14
109 Anthony O'Flaherty NT Australia 6-May-14
110 Seyedhossien  Pourali Vic Australia 6-May-14
111 Michael Walsh Tas Australia 23-May-14
112 Alan Wong Qld Australia 13-Jun-14
113 Elizabeth  Fulton NSW Australia 27-Jun-14
114 Rittick Borah NSW Australia 10-Jul-14
115 Amy Steiger NSW Australia 22-Jul-14
116 Chris  Loty NSW Australia 29-Jul-19
117 Maritza Kolega Vic Australia 10-Nov-14
118 John Worrall Qld Australia 27-Jan-15
119 Carl Schedlich Qld Australia 10-Mar-15
120 Alex Leith Tas Australia 24-Apr-15
121 Anna Marie Lucas WA Australia 14-May-15
122 Penelope Flannigan Qld Australia 21-May-15
123 Gregory  King Qld Australia 3-Jun-15
124 Brendan Henry Qld Australia 2-Dec-15
125 John Watt NZ New Zealand 30 Apr 26
126 Austen Pepper NSW Australia 10-Dec-15
127 Jeffrey Milne Qld Australia 27-Jan-16
128 Hari Kishore Qld Australia 10-Mar-16
129 Andrew Lovell California USA 23-Jun-16
130 Nicholas  Hassam SA Australia 21-Jun-16
131 Lyall Perry - Emeritus SA Australia 23-Aug-16
132 Eleza Kollannur Maharashtra India 14-Sep-16
133 Brendan Tully SA Australia 15-Nov-16
134 Daniel Boitshoko Qld Australia 2-Mar-17
135 Richard Syme Vic Australia 25 Oct 17
136 Ross Friend Qld Australia 9-Mar-18
137 Natalie Scott Auckland New Zealand 26-Mar-18
138 Jonah Sullivan ACT Australia 11-Jul-2018
139 Reza Kalbasi Auckland New Zealand 5-Nov-18
140 Greg Swan Qld Australia 4-Dec-18
141 David Kelly Vic Australia 21-Jan-19
142 Katherine Williams Vic Australia 18-Apr-19
143 Mark Asendorf NT Australia 20-Dec-19
144 Nabin Paudel Auckland New Zealand 20-Dec-19
145 Christopher Morris Auckland New Zealand 2-Mar-20
146 Justin White Qld Australia 2-Sep-20
147 Jeffrey Ramos Vic Australia 11-Mar-21
148 Anthony Martin Qld Australia 28-May-21
149 Hurmain Ariffin Selangor Malaysia 16-Sep-21