Hydrographic Surveyor



Why Should I Be Certified?


  • Gain a mark of excellence - certification establishes a level of professional hydrographic competence that Government and industry not only demands but which is now expected.
  • Achieve recognition from employers and enhance your career opportunities
  • Attain an extra measure of credibility, respect and recognition within and outside the professional community.
  • Enhance your professional standing and confidence by quantifying your hydrographic experience and demonstrating your commitment to professional development and continuous improvement. Being recognised as a certified hydrographic surveyor gives you a distinct competitive advantage
  • As an employer, you can increase the confidence that your clients have in your company

In the 1980’s, the hydrographic surveying industry, professional organisations and users of survey data, identified that they needed a regulated supply of competent hydrographic surveyors.  In 1994 this was realised with the creation of the first accreditation panel.  Through time this panel has matured into the Australasian Hydrographic Surveyors Certification Panel (AHSCP) and remains chaired by the Hydrographer of Australia.  It is the first Internationally recognised certification scheme and the demand for certification as a requirement to conduct infrastructure projects is now high.  Other countries such as Canada are following Australia’s model which is an indication of the continued recognised need to promote best practice hydrographic surveying.