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Hydrography Certifications Fees

Certified Professional in Hydrographic Surveying

Post-Nominals - CPHS1, CPHS2

SSSI and NZIS Members $330 (AUD)
Non Members $850 (AUD)

Sub-specialisations are assessed once an applicant achieves CPHS1.  You can apply for sub-specialisations during your initial CPHS1 certification application or after however, if applying with your initial application, the Panel first must find in favour of your CPHS1 certification and will then assess your additional evidence relating to the sub-specialisation.

CPHS1 seeking a sub-specialisation - $242 (AUD) per sub-specialisation

Programmed AHSCP Meetings

 Next meeting –  March 2020 (date TBA)
 Deadline for applications - Monday, 17th February 2020

Completed applications for certification (i.e. new applications and previous applicants submitting additional documentation) are to be submitted to the AHSCP Secretariat one month prior to the scheduled meeting date.
Input from Individuals or Organisations about an Applicant - Should an individual or organisation wish to provide comment on an applicant, this is to be provided to the AHSCP Secretary at least two weeks prior to the scheduled meeting.  Comment can be made using the Referees Report form or a detailed letter.  The applicant will be provided with any adverse comment submitted in order to respond to the AHSCP

Download Application & Forms*

* Note: Please be aware that the application forms are updated regularly.  Check that you are using the most up-to-date version from the website prior to submitting your application
When supplying course certificates, do not include those not related to the advancement of survey knowledge eg. First Aid, HUET, Working at Heights, sea survival etc.
When completing your log book, you should review the detailed descriptions of the S-5A and S-5B syllabus and be confident that you do have the knowledge and practice of a substantial amount of the topics as described.

Please see the 'Tips on Applications' page to help you understand some expectations when your application is reviewed.
Application Documentation

  • Application Form Word (334Kb) 
  • Logbook of Practical Hydrographic Surveying Experience (Word 203Kb) Note:  To amend the logbook, unprotect it, make your changes (ie.Delete examples, add / remove rows etc.) then protect it again to enable the Form Fill process.
  • Logbook examples PDF (352Kb)
  • Referee's Report  Word (340Kb)    PDF (189Kb)
  • S-5 Syllabus Edition 11 - Appendix D to the Guidelines PDF (581Kb)

Supporting Documentation

Submit Your Application
A digital copy of your completed application documentation has to be provided, uploaded onto the AHO OurShare site. Please email and request setup and login details to enable you to have access to this service. Scanned documentation should be provided in PDF format legible at 300 dpi.