Apply for Recertification

Applicant’s Declaration

The following declaration is signed by an Applicant when submitting an application to the Surveying & Spatial Sciences Institute through the Australasian Hydrographic Surveyors Certification Panel (AHSCP) for Specialist Certification in Hydrographic Surveying: 

“I understand that certification is valid for one (1) year after being conferred and to retain certification, I must either:

  1. Become a member of the Surveying & Spatial Sciences Institute or the New Zealand Institute of Surveyors and maintain Continuing Professional Development in accordance with the AHSCP Guidelines and adhere to the respective Institute’s Code of Ethics, or 
  2. Apply to the AHSCP for certification on an annual basis (at least one month prior to expiration of certification) in accordance with the current AHSCP Re-certification Process at the time of application.”

Lapse of Certification

If your certification has lapsed due to CPD non-compliance or you are not a member of SSSI/NZIS and are required to certify annually, please refer to the AHSCP Re-certification Process Flowchart. 

Hydrography Re-Certification Fees

Certified Professional in Hydrographic Surveying
Post-Nominal - CPHS1, CPHS2

SSSI Members $242 (AUD)

Non Members $500 (AUD)

Download Application & Forms

Application Documentation

  • Re-Certification Application Form Word (351Kb) 
  • Logbook of Practical Hydrographic Surveying Experience (Word 46Kb) Note:  To amend the logbook, unprotect it, make your changes (ie.Delete examples, add / remove rows etc.) then protect it again to enable the Form Fill process.
  • Referee's Report (Word 340kb)
  • S-5 Essential & Optional Units PDF (580Kb)

Supporting Documentation

Submit Your Application

A digital copy of your completed application documentation has to be provided, uploaded onto the AHO OurShare site. Please email and request setup and login details to enable you to have access to this service. Scanned documentation should be provided in PDF format legible at 300 dpi.