RS&P Certification

rsp.pngIn the Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry Commission expertise is endorsed in the two broad areas of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing. Endorsement in one of these two areas informs the general public and other professionals that your skills and expertise are recognised at SSSI's highest level.

The Specialised Certification process requires a professional to initially demonstrate that an advanced level of expertise has been achieved, including:

  • Successful completion of particular formal tertiary education in a particular spatial science discipline;
  • Achievement of further relevant professional experience;
  • Contributions to the profession will also be required.


SSSI Members are required to demonstrate and report Continued Professional Development (CPD) on an annual basis in line with SSSI CPD Policy in order to maintain certification.

SSSI Members and non-members are eligible to apply for Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry Commission Specialised Certification.