CEO's Report May 2018


Peter Olah

SSSI student Membership

Over the coming year, you will see several new initiatives across SSSI to improve the services we provide to our members, and to increase the value of SSSI membership.

We are targeting stronger member retention and significant long-term growth in our member numbers. We do so unashamedly – a bigger member organisation is generally stronger, better funded, more capable and more stable.

For the long-term future of SSSI, all our members are vital, but none more so than our young members. They are the future of our professions, our industries, and our Institute.

That is why the first initiative of many is the change we are announcing to our student membership, effective now.

I am pleased to advise that we have updated our free Student Membership to now include both full-time and part-time students enrolled in a relevant spatial course at a university or a technical institute. 

Students will only need to show a copy or photo of their Student ID card to prove that they are a student to be eligible for free membership. The significant evidentiary requirements (excluding the Student ID card) have been removed.

Importantly, the Student Membership will now be valid for the entire period of their enrolment, without requiring annual renewals.

Of course, SSSI student membership will continue to offer great opportunities to our future professionals, such as:

  • Building key contacts across our industry through many events and networking opportunities
  • Enhancing career development by being around fellow members who are willing to volunteer their time to support their industry with education and mentoring
  • A significantly expanded mentoring program, coming soon!
  • The chance to meet future employers
  • Discounted or free tickets to events including SSSI conferences, meetings and workshops.

I’d like to thank our national Young Professionals Committee, ably led by Roshni Sharma, for their outstanding efforts in advocating for and designing these improvements in student membership. I look forward to working with them in many other areas of growth for SSSI.

To take advantage of our free SSSI Student membership, sign-up online here. If you have any questions please call Betty, our SSSI Membership Officer, on (02) 6282 2282.


Peter Olah
Chief Executive Officer
Surveying & Spatial Sciences Institute (SSSI)

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