CEO's Report June 2018


Peter Olah



Over the next two months, President Gaby van Wyk and I will be attending as many SSSI Committee and Commission meetings and events as possible. We always try to do so - it’s an important part of the job - but these meetings will have a special focus.

It’s no secret that we’ve had some challenges at SSSI in recent times. That’s the past. Now it’s time to step up and become something bigger, stronger, and more focused on our members.

On 1 July 2018, we will be rolling out SSSI’s new Strategic Roadmap, taking us through to 2021. This Roadmap will affect every part of SSSI and benefit every SSSI member. It is very important that you have the opportunity to understand what the Strategic Roadmap means for you and your Institute. See: SSSI-Strategic-Roadmap-FINAL-adopted-220518.pdf

As you will see from the one page Roadmap, we have a bold vision for SSSI in 2021. Very significant changes will be needed over the next three years to achieve our 2021 objectives for SSSI:

  • AN ENGAGED MEMBERSHIP growing by 2026 to 80% of the sector

  • ORGANISATIONAL REPUTATION positioned with national influence

  • A DYNAMIC NETWORK of diverse & multi-disciplinary professionals

  • A RECOGNISED CONTRIBUTOR to Australia’s future through innovative practice

  • A CERTIFICATION PROGRAM valued by the profession, business & community

  • A ROBUST ORGANISATION that is well-governed & financially sound.

We will not be wasting any time, and in the next few months you will see positive changes in areas as diverse as improved communications, a strong national advocacy program, and better member services.

The Roadmap is an ambitious document, as it needs to be - the SSSI Board is absolutely committed to building a world-class membership and representative organisation for all our professional streams. The SSSI Strategic Roadmap has a lot of thought, discussion and ideas behind it, and a lot more hard work ahead to ensure it delivers for our members.

In the meantime, I am more than happy to answer any questions and to discuss the Strategic Roadmap with our SSSI members, and we will be holding webinars in late June and July to do so. Watch this space for details!


Peter Olah
Chief Executive Officer
Surveying & Spatial Sciences Institute (SSSI)

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