CEO's Report March 2019


  Peter Olah

Within the next three months, a Federal Election will take place.

You’ll hear the usual promises from all sides, and the solemn commentariat telling us how this is “the most important election in a generation”. This hyperbole is rarely true and probably will not be this time either.

What is true is that big change is afoot.

If the trend of published polling is to be believed, then we will have a new Shorten ALP government with a large majority in the lower house, and strong Senate numbers. Their announced policies to date – especially some of their fiscal and financial services changes – will be far reaching.

On the other hand, if the Coalition manage to defy the odds and win another term in government, it will be very different to the last seven years with nearly half the frontbench departing from politics. Either way, the Government of the next three years will stand apart from what we have seen for many years.

This matters to us at SSSI, because every one of our members – every professional in surveying and spatial – is impacted every day by government as a legislator, regulator, policy maker, licensor, purchaser and employer. In our fragmented industry, government has more power to shape our world than any individual or company.

A big part of our job as the national voice of surveying and spatial professionals is to inform, advise, convince and shape government decisions and directions in ways which make the professional lives or our members better, smoother, and more productive and effective – for themselves, and for Australia.

This takes good, consistent advocacy. And that takes good policy.

This is why we have been working hard for the last six months on drafting our first national public policy document. This will be the document that answers several big questions:

  • What does SSSI stand for?
  • What do Australia’s surveying and spatial professionals need governments to do to improve and free the industry to achieve its full potential?
  • What does that “full potential” look like?

Since October last year, workshops have been run within the SSSI Board and with every Regional Committee and Commission to seek input to the document. We have also consulted in a number of other forums to maximise the breadth of input.

We are now in the final stages of drafting the document which will be completed in April. I look forward to presenting it as a comprehensive plan across all sides of politics, on behalf of all SSSI members and the broader surveying and spatial community.

In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact me on  should you have any suggestions of strong policy positions for the document.


Peter Olah
Chief Executive Officer
Surveying & Spatial Sciences Institute (SSSI)

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