CEO's Report March 2018


Peter Olah


Thank you to the many members I have met in the first few days of my time with SSSI. Your warm welcomes, open minds, and obvious passion for your professions and our organisation has made this a great start for me. I have enjoyed the insights I have already been given.

Over the next few months, I plan to travel and speak with as many of our members and other stakeholders as I possibly can. I don’t yet know a great deal about our professions – and I will never know as much as you, our members – but I do know about member organisations and how to make them stronger, bigger and better.

Whilst none of us can be certain about how the future SSSI will look, I know it will have several important hallmarks. This SSSI will:

  • be authoritative, innovative, respected, admired and envied
  • be highly visible to current and prospective members, the community and decision makers
  • be the logical membership choice across industry and professions
  • have remarkable communications
  • be an outstanding team
  • grow ahead of its industry and professions
  • have a suite of products and services of value to every member
  • have clear, constructive and proactive positions
  • have a very high standard of corporate and financial governance and reporting
  • have a strong balance sheet and cashflow to allow for flexibility and creativity in future planning.

I know some of you will think “blue sky” and “I’ve heard this before”. Regardless of whether or not you feel this way, I ask that you work with me, communicate, give me your ideas for improvement and above all – always be open and honest with me as will I with you.

I join SSSI with a long and strong background in the leadership of member associations, public policy, and advocacy. I have made a positive difference at each organisation I have worked with, and I only work for organisations and for people I genuinely believe in.

The members of SSSI – and those in our professions who should be members but are not yet – are admirable, logical and make a valuable difference to our communities. You deserve an outstanding representative organisation and I look forward to working with you in building an Institute that delivers this for you at every level.


Peter Olah
Chief Executive Officer
Surveying & Spatial Sciences Institute (SSSI)

Telephone:  +61 7 3371 5059
 Address:  64 Sylvan Road, Toowong, QLD, 4066  |