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SSSI has a number of highly regarded communication mediums that are viewed by our members and the spatial professions as primary sources of information for the latest news and developments in spatial.

As a SSSI member you have access to the latest in the industry via regular internationally-recognised spatial publications.

SSSI produces a range of regular publications in either print or electronic file format. These include:

  • Journal of Spatial Science
  • Position Magazine
  • Other SSSI Publications

This range of publications is available as part of SSSI membership.  

Journal of Spatial Science

Journal of Spatial Science

Simply click on this link for a free preview

If you are a SSSI member you can view the Journal and its back-issues online. Simply login to the members portal and find the link under Online Journal Publications.

The Journal of Spatial Science (JOSS) publishes original research and review papers contributing to the theory and practice of the spatial sciences. All research and review manuscripts are peer-reviewed. Professional papers are not refereed but are assessed by the editors.

The professional papers regularly describe aspects of practice and implementation of techniques relating to:

  • Cartography;
  • Geographic information science;
  • Hydrography;
  • Photogrammetry;
  • Remote Sensing; and
  • Surveying.

JOSS is a bi-annual publication, published in March and September each year.

JOSS is available on-line to members as part of SSSI membership.

Spatial Source

Spatial Source

Spatial Source is Australia and New Zealand's web site for the geospatial surveying, GIS and mapping community. Click here to visit Spatial Source.

Position Magazine


Position Magazine is the official journal of SSSI and is circulated to its entire membership.

Position Magazine covers the acquisition, manipulation and presentation of geo-data in a wide range of industries and details the applications of the latest geospatial technologies including:

  • Satellite and aerial remote sensing;
  • Land and hydrographic surveying;
  • Satellite Positioning Systems;
  • Photogrammetry;
  • Mobile mapping; and
  • GIS.

It reports on the increasing use of geo-data in decision-support in business and government.

Position Magazine is published six times a year and is available as part of SSSI membership.