April 30, 2018

AND THE SSSI MAP-A-THON WINNERS ARE.....Nicholas Flett and Gabor Matuzza.

A big thank you to our sponsors NGIS Australia who provided a great venue, sustenance and music for our hungry map-a-thoners who threw everything they had at capturing buildings in Uganda to support humanitarian effort in the region.  

In the short time, the group increased the percentage of buildings digitized from 55% to 65%. Nicholas and Gabor tied for equal spot, with Gabor also taking out the Earth-Picker prize for guessing his location within 18km (so close).

The next Map-a-thon is 1st September - mark your calendars and get a team together.  By request, we are extending the timeframe from 4 to 8 hours . No need to know how to use OpenStreetMap - our SSSI student representatives explain everything you need to know.  

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