Announcement of inaugural President for the Proposed New Geospatial Peak Body Board of Directors

October 12, 2022

The Surveying & Spatial Sciences Institute (SSSI) and the Spatial Business Industries Association (SIBA|GITA) Boards are pleased to announce the appointment of Dr Peter Woodgate as Director and President designate for the proposed new geospatial peak body.

With a space and geospatial career spanning over three decades, Dr Woodgate is currently Chair of SmartSat CRC, Chair of the Steering Committee for the 2030 Space and Spatial Industries Growth Roadmap, Chair of the Australian Urban Research Infrastructure Network, and Chair of Canthera Discovery (a national cancer therapeutics research organisation). He is a member of the Australian Space Agency’s Space Industry Leaders Forum and a Board member of Geoscape Australia. Dr Woodgate is also an Honorary Fellow of SSSI.

SSSI President Paul Digney said Dr Woodgate was a natural choice as President and would bring a wealth of leadership and best practice governance experience to the Board of the proposed new peak body.

‘It is an exciting time for our sector, and we look forward to capitalising on the emerging opportunities with geospatial being an increasingly important component of the national economy’, says Mr Digney

‘The SSSI Board believes the positive response received at our Extraordinary General Meeting held earlier this year, where members indicated their confidence in us to continue the conversation with SIBA|GITA about a potential merger, was a strong indication of support for the formation of a peak geospatial body’, says Mr Digney.

SIBA|GITA Chair Alistair Byrom said the new Board would benefit greatly from Dr Woodgate’s many years of commercial experience plus his strong business acumen.

‘The time is right to establish a geospatial peak body which truly represents and advocates on behalf of individuals and organisations and is a champion for positive change within our sector’, says Mr Byrom.

The merger of the two organisations will be voted on by members at the SSSI AGM on 21 November 2022 and the SIBA|GITA AGM also on 21 November 2022 in Melbourne and online.  If the vote is positive, the inaugural Board will consist of representatives from both the current SSSI and SIBA|GITA Boards, other esteemed Members as well as independent Directors that will help guide the development of the new organisation.

For further information visit: SSSI or SIBA|GITA

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