May 8, 2018


The anticipated Federal Budget announcement of seed funding for an Australian Space Agency has been warmly welcomed by the Surveying & Spatial Sciences Institute (SSSI), the peak body for Australia’s spatial professionals.

“Australia’s spatial and other professionals have long been leading figures in space programs around the world. Despite this, and the fact that Australia is geographically ideally positioned to host a successful space industry, we are now the largest first world economy without our own space agency”, said Gaby van Wyk, SSSI President.

“Whilst several space-focused startups have made an impact nationally and internationally, they have done so without the overarching strength of a national space agenda and a strong agency to support that. Those startups show the commitment of the private sector to a successful Australian space industry.

“The Australian space program will have a positive impact on so many aspects of our lives: technology, the environment, agriculture, transport and infrastructure planning, mining, smart cities, education, health, aviation and many more”, said Mr van Wyk.

“Space is a global industry worth over $400 billion annually and growing in double digits every year. The economic and community multipliers for this industry are huge. Australia should be better positioned to lead and benefit from this, and thanks to this announcement we soon will be.

“I place on record the full commitment of SSSI, and Australia’s spatial professionals, to working closely with the new space agency, the Federal Government and the business sector. I know that together we will ensure outstanding scientific, commercial and community outcomes for the new agency and for Australia’s space program”, concluded Mr van Wyk.                                      

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