Awareness counts: Space, Surveying and Spatial Diversity and Inclusion Survey

April 7, 2021

For the space and spatial sectors to be able to sustainably grow and innovate in the coming years, a diverse workforce is needed. The Space, Surveying and Spatial Diversity Leadership Network (SSS-DLN) is leveraging its network of 80-strong members to amplify and advance efforts to improve the diversity of our sector. A key outcome will be to benchmark, monitor and report on the state of diversity and inclusion to build the evidence base for action. The SSS-DLN has formed a Research Steering Committee with representatives from ANZLIC, SSSI, SIBA/GITA, SSS-DLN, EOA, CSN and S&SNZ to ensure a sector-wide approach is taken.

It is intended that later in the year all members and their staff will be invited to respond to our diversity & inclusion benchmarking survey. Visit SSS-DLN or sign up to get involved.

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