Best of luck to our South Australian APSEA Nominees!

March 31, 2019

SSSI South Australia wishes the very best of luck to our nominees for the upcoming Asia-Pacific Spatial Excellence Awards in Melbourne on 9 April 2019, Dr Paul Corcoran, Dr Sofanit Araya and Ms Annmarie Mabarrack.

Education Development Award (SA) - Dr Paul Corcoran

Through the University of South Australia School of Natural and Built Environment, Paul has guided many undergraduate and post-graduate students using modern teaching and mentoring techniques.   Paul continues to show great passion for supporting our future professionals, engaging them with the SSSI from their first day of undergraduate study. Through his efforts he has been able to cross-promote and encourage study in the Geospatial Sciences through the wide variety of programs that the School of Natural and Built Environment offers. Paul has encouraged and facilitates collaboration between universities to ensure students at UniSA have access to the best possible resources on topics where the expertise resides elsewhere.

Postgraduate Student Award (SA) - Dr Sofanit Araya

Sofanit’s PhD research involved developing a new methodological framework to estimate Plant Available Water Holding Capacity (PAWC), through remote sensing, in the South Australian agricultural region. PAWC determines the maximum amount of water that can be stored in the soil. Consistent soil information is required in management of issues such as food production and climate change.  Previously, because field measurements were difficult and time consuming, the availability of high resolution PAWC maps was limited. Sofanit successfully demonstrated the strong potential of multi-temporal remote sensing data for estimation of soil PAWC, providing unprecedented spatial detail, which will allow for faster, easier and more efficient soil mapping to create high resolution soil maps and improve agronomic management decisions.

Women’s Leadership Award (SA) - Annmarie Mabarrack

Annmarie sparked her interest in GIS a decade ago while working in local government. Since then, Annmarie’s achievements have been outstanding.  While obtaining numerous qualifications Annmarie made a significant impact at Primary Industries & Resources and Oz Minerals, with numerous award-winning projects.  Annmarie was pivotal, introducing spatial science into projects and procedures; leading change and mentoring others to become proficient in geospatial applications. Annmarie has contributed to diversity initiatives through the 'Women in Agribusiness and Regions' and with the 'Women in Geospatial Sciences Professional Network'. Annmarie is an inspiring role model with great potential to contribute to the future of the industry in a positive way.

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