Certification is key to maintain professional industry standards

July 15, 2020

The Surveying & Spatial Sciences Institute (SSSI) is pleased to announce that the Engineering Surveying Profession (Australasia Pacific) (ESP-AP) Certification Procedures Manual and Application form has been updated, making it simpler now for engineering surveying professionals to become certified.  

‘Over the past few months, the Engineering Mining & Surveying Commission (EMSC) has spent considerable time reviewing the ESP-AP Procedures Manual and Application Form to ensure it is relevant to current and emerging industry requirements and provides a simpler process to follow’ says Mr Andrew Edwards, Chair, EMSC

Certification essentially recognises that a person has demonstrated that he or she has the necessary knowledge and experience to competently work in their area of expertise and has long been a key priority of SSSI’s strategic roadmap – to develop a certification program valued by the profession, business and community.

‘An engineering surveyor is able to obtain ESP-AP certification either through the Qualification Based Provision or through the Long-Term Practice Provision’ says Mr Edwards.

Qualifications based provisions requires AQF/NZQF Level 7 surveying related qualification and a minimum of 4 years of documented work experience. Or (at minimum) AQF/NZQF Level 6 surveying related qualification with a minimum of 4 years of documented work experience. The applicant needs to secure a minimum of 150 points (of which between 25 to 30 points are made up of Educational achievements, at least 110 points from professional experience, and a maximum of 10 points gained through contribution to the profession). 

Long Term Practice Provision, required (at minimum) AQF/NZQF Level 5 surveying related qualification (obtained on or before 2015) together with a minimum of 10 years’ documented experience while also obtaining a minimum of 300 documented points (of which only 10 points can be gained from Contribution to the Profession). This provision is only available until the 1st July, 2023. 

‘The EMSC will now embark on a campaign to promote ESP-AP Certification to both employees and employers who contract and employ engineering mine surveyors’ said Mr Edwards. 

Certification is invaluable to individuals as they move through all stages of their careers. It is a formal recognition that an individual is an expert in their field and keeps up to date with current technologies and the direction of the industry. Certification can also present a competitive edge and provide new opportunities to take individuals further in their career journey.

Certification is also beneficial for employers and businesses, helping them to provide clients with assurance that the work they carry out will be to high industry standards and will cement their position as trusted advisors.

‘To encourage as many Engineering Surveyors to become ESP-AP certified over the next 6 months, SSSI has significantly reduced the application fee’ said Mr Edwards. 
Until 31st October 2020, SSSI members can apply for ESP-AP Certification for a reduced fee of $100, while non members can apply for $500. 

For further information on how to become ESP-AP certified click here 

Andrew Edwards
Engineering Mining and Surveying Commission (EMSC)
Email: chair.emsc@sssi.org.au 
Mobile: 0407 514 538


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