SSSI EMSC News - August 2018

July 31, 2018

Please find below information on what is happening at the Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute Engineering & Mining Surveying Commission as of August 2018.



EMSC National Chair - Andrew Edwards 

I have been in consultation with UTAS university and the CCF (Civil Contractors Federation) regarding survey curriculums and standards being set within all disciplines of surveying. I will be liaising with my commission members to discuss current standards set in the certification procedures manual to reflect these discussions.



  • Discussions took place around current University curriculums and the possible need for students to be more educated around current field practice in Engineering surveying regarding new technologies that have risen and may benefit the Engineering Surveying profession once graduated. The discussions indicated strong emphasis on all aspects of new and emerging technology and the ways in which it will effect future student’s employment opportunities in the Engineering and Mining Surveying Profession. Discussions were also made about current legislation and specifications that relate to University Educated students and the need for SSSI to have a stronger emphasis towards this.

  • Discussions have also taken place with the CCF (Civil Contractors Federation) regarding the need for accredited surveyors and survey technicians roles in large civil site projects funded by State and Federal Governments. The CCF , Tasmanian Building and Construction Industry Training Board and Government bodies are of the understanding that a need for accredited surveyors exists in State and Federally funded projects and a course standard is under review to setup these standards. These will be ongoing meetings to setup a course curriculum in which the SSSI involvement will be to push for certification in all stages of civil sites.  



Please see attached pdf

Hi Andrew,

Thank you for the involvement of the CCF RTO curriculum standards meeting set today. As Discussed, our first objective is to set a curriculum standard for machine control operators.

As I understand the second level will be to set a standard for survey technicians using this survey equipment to help with the machine control operators and to set standards for general survey setout on construction sites where survey is needed.

As I have outlined in the meeting, I see a broader scope of what revolves around this curriculum accreditation as far as a civil site is setup on large infrastructure projects and how the SSSI accreditation system will work with this. As there are 4 stages to a civil project setup to completion these include:

-Design and modelling (accredited Engineers design that is put into the field by an accredited surveyor)

-Site setup by an accredited surveyor (through the SSSI)

-Site setout by survey technicians and or accredited surveyors  (through the CCF)

-QA, audits and as-constructed surveys carried out by accredited surveyor (through the SSSI)

As Discussed I am happy to work with you to integrate the survey technician side to the machine operators side if the CCF can find the funding

Thanks again and I look forward to hearing from you.





So busy and exciting times for our Commission.  If you have any queries, contact the National Chair, Andrew Edwards, on


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