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June 30, 2018

Chair's Report
Discussions have been made with Engineers Australia about engineering accreditation systems that both SSSI EMS are using and Engineers Australia are adopting throughout the nation. Engineers Australia and SSSI are pushing harder for this accreditation system in certain states seeing the need for accreditation through legislative processes.

We have also held meetings with the Stakeholder Relations Manager from the Tasmanian Division about accreditation processes.

A Bill for Engineers Australia is being passed for mandatory registration of Engineers throughout Australia, SSSI hope to follow with registration of Engineering Surveyors throughout the nation.

We discussed at our recent meeting formal accreditation for our engineers is done over the separate career stages. As it can be very complex, below is a very simplified version that will give an idea of what’s involved.


Stage 1: (Early Career/Education) To be classed as stage 1 competent, you must either hold an Australian EA accredited qualification or a relevant overseas qualification recognised under either the Washington Accord, Dublin Accord or Sydney accord. Dependant on which qualification you hold is what member level you can apply for EA membership

Washington Accord = Professional Engineer
Sydney Accord = Engineering Technologist
Dublin Accord = Engineering Associate

If your qualifications are unrecognised by EA or an accord you can apply for a stage 1 assessment. More information on competency and assessment can be found here https://www.engineersaustralia.org.au/Membership/Assessment-Of-Qualifications-And-Competencies

Stage 1 competency standards can be found here https://www.engineersaustralia.org.au/About-Us/Accreditation/Accreditation-Overview#Stage1CompetencyStandards

Stage 2: (Can be anywhere from about 5 years post grad) Stage 2 assessment is required to gain Chartered Status or to be eligible to go on any of the National engineering registers. I have attached a document that goes more in depth on the stage 2 competency standards.

Stage 3: (Senior Engineering Leaders) Is our Engineering Executive or EngExec assessment which is for our Engineering Leaders and Managers that have reached the top tier in their industry. Through its College of Leadership and Management, Engineers Australia has developed an EngExec framework based on 10 competency areas. For many practitioners the EngExec competencies marks a transition to leadership roles whilst for others it will complement technical engineering careers. I don’t have much more information on the competencies I can forward to you but based on our conversation the basis of the first 2 stages is really what you were looking for.

So busy and exciting times for our Commission.  If you have any queries, contact the National Chair, Andrew Edwards, on chair.emsc@sssi.org.au



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