FoRB Virtual Meeting Report

October 31, 2018

Report written by Geoffrey Patterson on the FoRB October Virtual Meeting with participants from North America, Europe, Africa. SSSI was represented by Peter Olah and Geoffrey Patterson.

Forum of Regional Bodies

Virtual Meeting

Monday 8 (4-6PM CEST), Tuesday 9 October (9-11PM CEST) 2018

Another virtual meeting was held this month with participants from North America, Europe, Africa and SSSI was represented by Peter Olah and Geoffrey Patterson.

Presentations included:

  • Global Surveyors Day 21 March 2019. Member organisations and surveyors in general are encouraged to celebrate the day and FoRB is interested in events being included in the international calendar. is a link to the calendar. A major function will be held in Sofia in 2019. The proposal is to highlight a theme of the year. This would be the Professional Ethics for 2019.

  • A report was presented on the NSPS (National Society of Professional Surveyors) of USA on Government Engagement. NSPS is a body that pulls together the state-based surveying professions and represents the profession at a National level. The role of the NSPS in advocacy and Washington DC lobbying was demonstrated. provides a greater insight into the NSPS.

  • The draft International Land Measurement Standard related to land acquisition is still open for consultation. It should of interest for surveyors, valuers and land managers involved in acquisitions of land for projects. It is particularly important in countries where land tenure is not registered. The consultation about the exposure draft will be open until 31st of December. The outcomes of the ILMS will be presented in Washington and Hanoi. will provide you with further information.

  • John Hohol presented the SDG initiative and highlights the Sustainable Development Goals that are in line with Land Surveying. The Goals are part of a UN initiative titled “Surveyors and the 2030 UN Global Development Goals”. Please check out the website for further information.

  • The Delegation from Congo presented a paper on issues related to customary land tenure. This is very relevant across many parts of the planet and especially in our near north.

FoRB is investigating putting together a forum of major GNSS bodies with representatives from the primary Government agencies and managing organisations for the likes of GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou, NAVIC and QZSS at the upcoming Working Week in Hanoi.

The next FoRB virtual meeting will be in January before a gathering at the Hanoi WW.

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