GDA2020 South Australia eNews#4

June 30, 2018

SA eNews #4   June 2018

GDA2020 in South Australia

Government agencies that maintain, support and distribute spatial datasets continue to progress their GDA2020 implementation plans and are currently upgrading & testing systems and databases to enable GDA2020 to be delivered as the operational datum for South Australia later this year; GDA94 datasets will continue to be available for some time after GDA2020 becomes operational.

The change to GDA2020 will not only affect the spatial sector but applies to all users of location-based data.  Industries that use location-based data may need to transition their own systems and processes to support GDA2020 data; spread the word to your stakeholders.

Transformation Products, Tools and Resources

Geoscience Australia’s AUSPOS Online GPS Processing Service now provides both GDA/MGA94 and GDA/MGA2020 coordinates and ellipsoidal heights and many of the major software developers have provided GDA/MGA2020 coordinate reference systems in the most recent versions of their software.

Geoscience Australia and the Intergovernmental Committee on Surveying & Mapping (ICSM) have developed the following transformation products and tools to assist with data transformations:

The online GDA2020 Forum is available to discuss software, hardware, or industry-specific issues with other users across Australia.


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