GIS Certification Survey

June 15, 2018

For the last five years URISA have conducted this survey in an attempt to get some idea of how widely GIS certifications have been adopted and promoted within organizations that use GIS technology or services at any level. They hope to find out if the growing number of certifications is indeed an indication of growing acceptance within the industry. They also hope to determine which certifications if any have the greatest value.

The survey itself is open to anyone. Last year they had 2700 people respond from around the world.

Here is the link to the survey -

If you would like to help promote the survey, please feel free to share the link. Survey closes 30 September 2018.

Tripp Corbin from URISA will be presenting the results at the URISA GIS Pro conference as part of the GISP Workshop and he will be sharing the results with SSSI as well.  

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