GIS in Local Government Seminar 2020

February 29, 2020

On Friday 21 February 2020 the City of Tea Tree Gully hosted the lastest iteration of the SSSI-SA GIS in Local Government Seminar. South Australia is made up of 63 Local Government areas.  SSSI-SA organises an annual half-day seminar hosted at a different Council each year. 

South Australian Councils have a culture of sharing knowledge and experience around GIS and IT.

Presentations at the 2020 Seminar comprised of:

  • Experience from one Council’s GIS system replacement
  • Bushfire mitigation work – reporting and measuring tool (pilot project)
  • Open Data Sources and Government web maps (there are so many!)
  • Urban Heat Islands – How Councils and Community are and will be using this data
  • Asset Renewal Modelling – Amazing dashboard showing effects of different budget options
  • How different Councils apply GIS in Works Management Processes –results of survey
  • Short presentations from 3 sponsors.  (Esri Australia, Aerometrex and 1Spatial)

The range of presentations delivered demonstrates the diverse use of GIS across the many functions of a Council.  Of 78 registered delegates, approximately 45% were not from Councils! These included University lecturers, students, State Government, Surveying firms and other private sector organisations who all seem very interested in the many ways GIS is used within local government.

Thanks to our event sponsors Esri Australia, Aerometrex and 1Spatial for contributing to this successful and increasingly popular seminar.


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