Happy Global Surveyors' Day!

March 21, 2022

SSSI represents a rich and diverse network of surveyors representing areas of land, hydrography, mining, engineering to name but a few. Nearly 70 per cent of SSSI members are in fact surveyors!  Today we acknowledge and celebrate the magnificent contributions our surveyors make to our society! Where would we be without our surveyors?

A surveyor is no longer just seen as a person standing behind a theodolite at the side of the road or building site. It is more than that. They work on land, underground, sea and air… and even space! They are innovative, tech-savvy and solutions focused.  

Today we celebrate Global Surveyors Day with a networking event being held in South Australia, or join us for our webinar later today – Land Surveying Webinar Series: Did you know (part 3) where John Parker, former Surveyor-General of Victoria will discuss Australia’s role in land ownership systems in developing countries and the Life and times of a Surveyor-General.

Let’s not forget Locate22 is just around the corner and the program has just been released. Join us in Canberra and connect with other surveyors and spatial professionals and hear about latest innovations and technologies. Early bird registration closes midnight tonight, so take advantage of the great discounts available and register now.  

SSSI is proud to support the surveying profession!  Happy Global Surveyors’ Day!

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