SSSI Hydrography Commission News – April 2020

March 31, 2020
Update from the Commission Chair

Firstly, I hope everyone in the Hydrography Commission and wider survey community are well and adapting to the new conditions we are currently operating or trying to operate under. COVID-19 has certainly thrown up many challenges for everyone, we must find new ways to do business and conduct our lives. Probably one disappointing aspects from a surveyor’s perspective is the cancelling of face to face events such as Locate, regional / commission specific seminars and training. These events provide an opportunity for surveyors to gather and share knowledge, solve problems and generally catch up.

SSSI has recognised this leaves a gap in the provision of CPD events and is working hard behind the scenes to find new ways to deliver CPD to members. The Hydrography Commission will be meeting on Friday 17 April to discuss how HC members can access more CPD points through online activities and discuss any temporary amendments to the CPD policy that may need to be implemented during this period. Further information will be made available to HC members regarding online activities that can be accessed to accrue CPD points.

The HC Mentoring programme will be launched soon, guidelines and communiques are being finalised for distribution to members. I would encourage HC members to participate in the program, particularly Certified Hydrographic Surveyors.

It is clearly a time to support everyone as much as we can, keep organisations such as  SSSI going so we can all get back to “normal” as quick as we can once all the restrictions are over. Continue to support your commission and region in any way you can so SSSI can continue to support you.

Stay Safe!

Neil Hewitt


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