Hydrography News – June 2020

May 31, 2020
Diploma of Surveying (CPP50120)

You may recall that the initial introduction of hydrographic surveying modules into the Australian education portfolio began as a backdoor via the Diploma of Water Industry Operations in 2018.

Good news, those hydrographic modules are being included as electives within the Diploma of Surveying - a much better fit for the industry.  As a Technical Advisory Group (TAG) participant, Hydrographic & Cadastral Survey’s Director, Richard Cullen (former Hydrography Commission Chair) has continued with progressing these modules into their rightful place.  Mr Cullen said “As Chair of the Hydrography Commission, I was acting on behalf of our industry, for education of this skillset to be readily available in Australia.  It was always the Commission’s intent to find a way.  We found the first path through a similar discipline, water resources, and now we have appropriately aligned the units within the diploma of surveying qualifications framework.’  

The TAG, currently working with ARTIBUS (https://artibus.com.au/surveying-and-spatial/) on the review of the Diploma of Surveying, is also including an increased focus on the integration of components which make up combined and automated survey systems.  Understanding an individual component’s influence on the entire system performance deriving better assessment of calibrations, validations and the final error / uncertainty analysis.  This can then be applied to methods such as photogrammetry, multibeam surveying and LiDAR operations.

This is a great advance in further attracting Hydrographic Surveyors but, there still needs to be Recognised Training Organisations (RTO) uptake and industry assistance in provision of idle equipment to aid in training.  This education is one half of competence in our industry, the second is consolidated practice.  The two combined leads to certification by the AHSCP and these steps will continue to increase our industry’s reputation and professional standing.

World Hydrography Day – 21 June

World Hydrography Day 2020 titled "Hydrography – enabling autonomous technologies" – should have been widely celebrated this month. The topic encouraged exploring the possibilities for hydrography to enable safer exploration of waters not yet or inadequately measured, and to also reduce the impact of craft in environmentally sensitive areas.

As with many organised WHD events, the Covid-19 pandemic has restricted our normal gatherings and social participation in WHD.  Hydrographic & Cadastral Survey was unable to continue with its planned seminar in Wollongong however there have been webinars to provide for those lost CPD opportunities held by other SSSI participants such as the Australian Hydrographic Service.   

There will be a SSSI sponsored Webinar on the day after (June 22nd), registrations can be made through the SSSI events page as well as the following link:


For those forward booking social CPD activities, there will be an event in Wollongong for WHD 2021!  The venue is booked, now we simply need the new theme.

HydroScheme Industry Partnership Program (HIPP)

In other news, the HydroScheme Industry Partnership Program has recently awarded two of its first-round survey activities. This is an exciting time for businesses to be involved with companies on the HIPP panel as it likely to bring an economic benefit to local industries supporting the survey effort in the areas of operation. 

Webinar Updates

Congratulations and thanks to the Australian Hydrographic Office for partnering with the Hydrography Commission to deliver a stellar webinar on Hydrographic Data & Datum - Charting the Checks.  The live webinar, chaired by Ian Jackson, included Commander Nigel Townsend on Zones of Confidence, Zarina Jayaswal on Vertical Datums, Lieutenant Commander Ian Phillips on Calibrations and Alvaro Sanchez on S100-S101 Future Charting products.  The Commission appreciates the uptake of this webinar by all members and is grateful for your support in these endeavours.

SSSI is pleased to present a live webinar for WHD with the following eminent presenters:

Daniel Kruimel from Teledyne Caris on Embracing Autonomous Technologies​;
Augustin Deplante from PHS on Port Stanvac case study Habitat Mapping & Environment Management; David Donohue, MD iXblue on Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV) technology; Brian Connon, retired US Navy on ​Unmanned Hydrography: Lessons Learned from the University of Southern Mississippi (pre-recorded from the USA) and Dr Magnus Wettle, MD EOMAP on Satellite-Derived Bathymetry in hydrographic survey applications.​
In celebration of World Hydrography Day, keeping the celebration going to June 22nd, this webinar focuses on hydrography as an enabler of autonomous technologies.
There will be 5 dynamic presentations and passionate debate so book now without delay!

Hydro-bite News

UK Dredging had a team witness the explosion of an undiscovered World War II bomb - read the article here by clicking then select 'Open in new window'.

Thanks to Peter Barr for the provision of this item.

If you have any comments or queries please email the Hydro Commission secretariat via: rom.nsw@sssi.org.au.


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