Hydrography News – October 2020

October 14, 2020

The end of 2020 is approaching fast, so far a very challenging year with uncertain times ahead. It has been a busy year in the Hydrographic Industry with the commencement of the Hydroscheme Industry Partnership Program (HIPP). The commission and the AHSCP continues to work for commission members, the AHSCP in particular has recently assessed a record 13 applicants in one sitting, it is encouraging to see so many undertaking certification.

Jennifer Brindle has recently taken on the job as the Hydrography Commission communication representative and will be requesting articles for Geomessage and Position Magazine throughout the year, I encourage all to contribute. Andrew Ternes recently stepped down from this role and I thank him for his commitment over the last few years.

Elections for AHSCP panel members happen every two years with two representatives elected one year and three representatives in alternate years. This year nominations for Nautical Charting, Education and Industrial Offshore representatives were called for, nominations are taken from the list of certified Level 1 Surveyors.

Dean Battilana and Martin Castalanelli were elected (uncontested) as the Education and Industrial Offshore Surveying’ representatives respectively, Nigel Townsend was re-elected as the Nautical Charting representative in a close ballot. Congratulations to the successful nominees, I look forward to working with you to continue the panel’s high standards.

This year saw Richard Cullen step down as the Education representative after 12 years serving the AHSCP, he also stood down as commission chair mid last year after 15 years serving on the Hydrography Commission. Richard has given his time generously and I would like to thank him on behalf of the Hydrography Commission for all his hard work. He has been a key member of the AHSCP in particular, upholding the standards not only in an education aspect but also with his vast professional knowledge of Hydrographic Surveying.

Neil Hewitt

Hydroscheme Industry Partnership Program (HIPP) 

A message from iXblue Pty Ltd as a Sustaining Partner of the SSSI Hydrographic Commission:

In early 2020, the Department of Defence commenced the Hydroscheme Industry Partnership Program (HIPP) which has the aim of developing an Australian hydrographic survey industry capable of filling the void left by navy as they concentrate their personnel and resources into the military survey domain.  It is no secret that the HIPP is a nationally significant program that will not only benefit Defence, but a great many non-defence users of high resolution bathymetric data and oceanographic data that will be collected under the program.

The program is now mid-way through its inaugural year, and understandably there are many lessons being learnt by both Defence and industry every day as the program unfolds.  One significant benefit that we identified early relates to the visionary plan to establish a series of National Reference Surfaces (NRS) around the Australian coastline.  As a component of the HIPP surveys, HIPP panelists are being tasked with surveying small areas of seabed close to significant ports.  These are being surveyed to exacting standards such that future survey vessels operating out of these ports can quickly and readily check their survey system outputs against that of the NRS.  This has many obvious benefits – not least of which is the likelihood that all survey data collected in the future will be internally consistent and of a higher quality than it might have otherwise been.  The complexity of survey system integration can result in high quality data being collected to an incorrect vertical or horizontal datum.  The ability to carry out an independent error check prior to commencing an offshore seabed survey will raise the standard of Australian surveys rendered almost immediately.

We applaud the HIPP Program team for this small but significant outcome and look forward to numerous other ‘wins’ as this program is rolled out in the coming years.

Managing Director
iXblue Pty Ltd

Hydro-bite News

The Japanese bulker Wakashio went aground off Pointe d'Esny in the south of Mauritius on July 25 2020, and broke apart some weeks later on August 15th. Fortunately she was carrying relatively little crude (less than 140 barrels) but of course posed a massive threat to the local aquatic and coastal environment.

Initially the grounding was blamed on crew attempting to acquire better internet, though the final investigation may include lack of attention to navigation and charting of that coastal region. It is not known if the navigation was conducted using digital or paper charts or perhaps both, the requirement for paper charts now obsolete.  It will be interesting to read the final investigation report from local and Panama Maritime Authorities.

Read more here: https://www.offshore-energy.biz/panama-says-improper-charts-course-deviation-and-poor-seamanship-led-to-wakashios-grounding/

Thanks to Peter Barr for sharing the article.

If you have any comments or queries please email the Hydro Commission secretariat suling.meimaris@sssi.org.au 


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