SSSI Hydrography Commission News - February 2019

January 31, 2019





important news


The Hydrographic Commission would like to welcome everyone back for the New Year and hope you all have a prosperous 2019.

The Hydrographic Commission will continue to create national events and promote the hydrographic profession to young professionals as well as its current membership.

The Commission will hold its annual face to face meeting on the back of Locate 19 in April at Melbourne, Victoria, whereby the extact dates i.e. if before or after will be notified shortly.


Nigel Townsend has replaced David Field as the Nautical Charting Hydrography representative on the panel.

Thanks to Dave for his contributions and service and a very warm welcome to Nigel!


new CERTIFIed hydrographers list:

The list of Certified Hydrographers for Australia and New Zealand has been updated as of 31st January 2019.  This list is available via Hydrography Certification section of SSSI's website: .

For those keen to 'click now' use the following link: Certified Hydrographers List 310119 .


February 2019


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