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February 28, 2019





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Hydrographic Survey Education.


As many have been commenting for years, education for Hydrographic Surveying has been neglected in Australia and yet Australia relies on sea transportation.  You may recall that the Chair of the Hydrography Commission had been working directly with Government consultants in assembling a Hydrographic Surveyor training package.  Given that the Commission and Australasian Hydrographic Society have been attempting to have packages introduced by Universities and Recognised Training Organisations (RTOs) in Australia for well over 10 years, the new training package has been a relatively rapid resolution to the education shortfall.   Updates on the progress may be found at Australian Industry Standards where you will see that the final endorsements of the National Water Training Package occurred on 02 January 2019. 



The next meeting of the panel will be just prior ro Locate19 on Sunday, 7th April, 2019 in Melbourne.


AusSeabed – Inaugural Newsletter.  Find out what AusSeabed is, how the project works with geospatial data, and what you can do to help


The inaugural AusSeabed newsletter has been released!  The Steering Committee plan to distribute a newsletter each month, with information about current AusSeabed activities, as well as updates from the broader AusSeabed community. The first edition is a bit of a long one – the Committee have outlined recent progress in defining the overall structure of AusSeabed, and then provided some details of work currently underway.

The Steering Committee hope that the newsletter will be an easy way for everyone to keep up to date with what is happening and provide a means for everyone in the AusSeabed community to connect with activities of the steering committee and various working groups. Each newsletter will also be available for download on the AusSeabed website.

On that note, the Committee also welcomes submissions for each monthly newsletter – think conference or presentation opportunities, recent achievements, exciting seabed mapping innovations, pictures from survey voyages, and - any other news that you would like to share with the community. Please send your submissions to

The SSSI Hydrography Commission will be continuing to follow this initiative and help members stay up-to-date in a variety of ways so that you all have the opportunity to participate.

Insight: Merchant shipping lacks safety net as GPS disruptions intensify

Maritime authorities report a rising number of GPS failures: Part of a dual article series on emerging security risks in the US: 


(with thanks to Peter Barr for sourcing the above link).

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