iXBlue Pty Ltd is awarded the Hydrographic Excellence Award for 2019

August 20, 2020

Congratulations to iXBlue Pty Ltd for being awarded the SSSI's Hydrography Commission's 2019 Hydrographic Excellence Award in recognition for the 2018 Kingdom of Tonga hydrographic survey.

The Hydrographic Excellence award recognises those individuals or teams working across the various hydrographic disciplines who have made an outstanding contribution to the science of hydrography and industry best practice.

The Hydrographic Excellence Award for 2019 was awarded as a team award to iXblue Pty Ltd in recognition for their 2018 Kingdom of Tonga hydrographic survey. As the first regional large-scale surveying using Autonomous Surface Vessels it propelled the technology to the forefront. The systems and processes used ensured that the technology was accepted for use by maritime and hydrographic authorities, thereby paving the way for broader acceptance and utilisation the industry in this region.

Congratulations to the iXBlue team!

Further inquiries about the project or award, please contact:
Neil Hewitt
Chair, SSSI Hydrography Commission
Email: chair.hc@sssi.org.au 

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