LSC News - August 2020

August 6, 2020


We would like to extend a warm welcome to new members to SSSI and the Land Surveying Commission

  • Andrew Wiffen QLD
  • Walter Johansen QLD
  • David Stacey VIC
  • Sam Scandrett TAS
  • Julian Gubbels VIC
  • Zoe Hille ACT
  • Thomas Roberts VIC

regional land surveying news


Whitehorse Planning Scheme Amendment C210.

The Amendment applies to all land in the municipality included in the Neighbourhood Residential Zone(NRZ), General Residential Zone (GRZ), Residential Growth Zone (RGZ) and Low Density Residential Zone (LDRZ).

It applies Schedule 9 to the Significant Landscape Overlay (SLO) on a permanent basis to all residential land in the municipality that is not currently included in a permanent SLO, including those areas covered by the Vegetation Protection Overlay (VPO) Schedule 1 and Schedule 3. This Amendment replaces the interim SLO9 that was applied by Amendment C191. The Amendment also deletes Schedule 2 and Schedule 4 to the Vegetation Protection Overlay (VPO).

Council is concerned that the removal of canopy trees and vegetation will erode the neighbourhood character of Whitehorse. Of particular concern is the clearing of all trees from sites prior to development, the Amendment also clarifies that when a planning permit is triggered, an arborist report is required to justify the removal of all trees, irrespective of the health of the tree.  Gazetted 30th July, 2020

Victorian Planning Authority Update

New VPA Fast Track Program

The Victorian Crisis Cabinet Committee (CCC) has identified the planning and development industry as one of the key drivers of the economic recovery coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic. The economic stimulus provided by building and construction will play a key role in creating new jobs in the coming months and years as well as delivering projects which would have been a community benefit in any case.

To that end, the VPA’s work program has been reprioritised to speed up the delivery of a number of its projects. This accelerated work program aims to unlock approximately $18.8 billion in estimated economic value by mid-2021.

The VPA will fast track 19 planning and infrastructure projects that are already on its Business Plan to unlock a targeted 89,200 homes and 107,340 jobs across Victoria. Councils in municipalities where the VPA is active will be advised by the Minister shortly.

This program will provide certainty for communities, a pipeline of development for industry and future jobs and homes for Victorians as the economy recovers from the impact of the COVID 19 pandemic. VPA Fast Track Program 

The Minister has also approved a number of PSP’s including :-

Quandong PSP to support a new community, neighbouring the Westbrook and Manor Lakes PSPs and is estimated to support 960 lots and 240 jobs.

Arden Structure Plan Community Consultation is currently out for consultation. The new precinct in North Melbourne along the Moonee Ponds Creek will be home to more than 14,000 residents and 35,000 workers as it is built over the next 20 plus years.

Streamlining for Growth

The Government’s Streamlining for Growth (SFG) program, administered by the VPA, has been renewed for the 20/21 financial year in order to continue support for planning initiatives that will unlock development across Victoria and stimulate the economy post-COVID.

The SFG program accelerates the delivery of land to market and streamlines post-PSP approvals. The program aims to deliver planning projects that will provide land for employment growth, support increased housing choice, and better align infrastructure delivery for new communities.  This year, there will be an emphasis on projects that will stimulate the economy post-COVID and on projects that will plan for the revitalisation of bushfire-affected towns.

Surveying Taskforce

The Surveying Taskforce in its latest news has articles on :-

  • Measuring the Impact of Covid
  • The Power of Video
  • A New ReMIT
  • A Website without limits
  • OnLine & OnGoing

Access the news here

Webinar: Victoria's Naming Rules

Wednesday 2 September 4:00PM AEST
Speaker:  Rafe Benli | Project Manager, Geographic Names Victoria, DELWP
Register here

Victoria’s Naming Rules for roads and places are currently under review. The presentation will focus on the statutory review of the Naming Rules, the expected timeline and possible changes and how this may impact the Surveying industry.

In particular, the road name history requirements to be uploaded with a Plan of Subdivision  and the Reference Guide for Land Surveyors. The presentation offers the opportunity learn about the rules, processes and procedures to name roads, feature and localities. We will deep dive into the naming of roads on plans of subdivision.

News from DELWP

Check out the Victorian Region News for the latest updates from DELWP!


The Queensland Land Surveying Commission Committee is pleased to offer a series of webinars with the primary purpose of assisting surveyors seeking renewal and registration requirements with the Surveyors Board of Queensland. Please note though, while the list of topics has been identified in cooperation with the Board to address areas of the competency framework that often possess greater challenges for applicants and surveyors demonstrating competency, the principles will often apply for all land surveyors, so we encourage attendance from professionals across the country.  

There are two series running concurrently, with around one webinar per month from each: the Cadastral Endorsement Competency Framework Series and Registered Surveyor Competency Framework Series. 

The first two have already been held and recordings are available on our eCPD page, along with all SSSI webinars from the past 12 months.

  1. RSCF Series: How to use and maintain GNSS surveying instruments, Dale Atkinson – click here
  2. CECF Series: Tips for Reinstating existing Boundaries and Marking, Ewen Sneddon – click here
  3. CECF Series: Searching for documentary evidence and search for physical evidence, Dale Atkinson – click here
Future webinars planned are:

Cadastral Endorsement Competency Framework Series

Understand and Apply relevant Law for Cadastral Surveyors - Alistair Byrom                                 

Tuesday 8 September, 12pm                  

Open for registration

Prepare and manage basic development and basic state action applications

Tuesday 13 October                

Presented by Brazier Motti – details to come

Design Lots and Layouts for cadastral surveyors 

Tuesday 10 November

Presented by Bennett + Bennett – details to come


Registered Surveyor Competency Framework Series

How to Establish, measure and adjust horizontal and vertical survey control using GNSS – Graham Jensen

Tuesday 15 September, 12pm         

Open for registration

Survey and calculate volumes and quantities

Tuesday 27 October                 

Presented by Land Solution Australia – details to come

How to geodetic reference systems including GDA 2020 using GNSS           

Date to be confirmed

Presenter details to come


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