LSC News - February 2021

February 11, 2021
Chair's Message

2021 has got off to roaring start within the SSSI LSC community with a host of new initiatives planned in our regions: submissions on AMR legislation policy, formation of new working groups being progressed, plans for celebrating Global Surveyors Day on the 23 March 2021 and our National Conference at Locate21 between the 29th March and 1st April 2021.

AMR Legislation Submission

On the 18th of January 2021, the LSC wrote to our members asking for their feedback to include in a submission on the Federal Governments plan improve occupational mobility, draft legislation to amend the Mutual Recognition Act to implement a uniform scheme of automatic mutual recognition (AMR).

The commission responded strongly in favour of improving consistency and the preservation of mutual recognition of competency between regions of government Surveyors’ Boards across Australia.

Members of the commission identified the need for reform in the following areas.

  1. Mutual recognition of training and experience is difficult and uncertain due to varying State based legislation. With recognised National shortage of surveyors (see need to support surveying graduates to complete post graduate training (current average over 5 years from graduation to registration).
  2. Maintaining legislated state based CPD requirements within multiple jurisdictions is unnecessarily onerous and unproductive. Need for greater consistency of professional development activities and renewal of competency.
  3. Inconsistent recognition of qualification beyond cadastral surveying such as engineering, mining, consulting, spatial sciences and building practitioners.

Members of the commission have proposed to establish working group with broad industry representation to develop:

  1. Agreed policy direction and governance framework (Refer Goal 5 in Cadastre 2034 vision)    
  2. National registration framework based on tiered qualification levels with endorsements:  

          •             Surveying Associate
          •             Surveying Graduate
          •             Surveyor
          •             Registered Surveyor with endorsement cadastral, engineering, mining                              and consulting

  1. National registration renewal policy including CPD requirements.
  2. National post graduate training and competency assessment framework
  3. Sustainable user pays funding model to drive the regulatory outcomes.
Proposed Formation of National Work groups and Task forces

The National LSC committee will discuss at its upcoming meeting the forming of key working groups and taskforces to further critical areas of interest and progress within the broader profession.

The purpose of these groups is to further learning by creating a community of knowledgeable experts on key topics.  Working groups will research international and regional best practice and develop initiatives to assist the profession's progress, understand and further policy and increase participation and learning.

The foundation working groups proposed the following:  

The foundation task forces include the following:

The terms of these groups and how they operate are still to be refined, so the National LSC welcomes your feedback and seeks nominations from the membership to be involved. Volunteers can contact, your nominated LSC regional representative or the NLSC support Manager

Global Surveyors Day -  23 March 2021

In our upcoming Meeting the NLSC will discuss our activity around Global Surveyors Day to highlight the role of the profession in the community. The commission has received an invitation from the  Council of European Geodetic Surveyors to join a global celebration online around this year’s theme highlighting Women in Surveying, and there are several other activities being proposed.

If your local community is planning to arrange activity you would like promoted or you would like to Contribute to a SSSI activity to Celebrate Global Surveyors Day please contact, your nominated LSC regional representative or the NLSC support Manager.

Regional Activities

SSSI LSC Regional Committees are currently working on a host of regional and local events to support members and create the highly valued networking and interaction our members value.

With COVID -19 still very much a subject at the front of our minds, the focus will to again to be rolling out a consistent webinar address topic of importance to your professional development and learning.

These webinars will be shared across regions giving members including our international members the opportunity to attend and benefit from this content.

Attendance is free for SSSI members and recordings of all SSSI webinars can be found on the ECPD webpage of the SSSI website. Please register for one of our webinars as soon as the programs are made available and if you have not presented a webinar before and would like to be a part of our CPD offering to members this year please contact your nominated LSC regional representative or the NLSC support Manager.

We look forward to your involvement in many of the exciting new opportunities the LSC is creating for surveyors in the coming months, including our national conference Locate21 between the 29th March and 1st of April 2021.


Chair, National Land Surveying Commission


We would like to extend a warm welcome to new and renewed members to SSSI and the Land Surveying Commission in December 2020 and January 2021.

  • Elise Huang    OS
  • Gasim Hemidan    OS
  • Gareth Moys    QLD
  • Jade Thatphithakkul   VIC
  • Maurice Labour    NSW
  • Patrick Nguyen    VIC
  • Scott Anders    SA
  • Stewart Bell    QLD


The FIG Working Week planned to be held in The Netherlands 21-25 June 2021, will be a virtual conference for all surveyors and spatial professionals around the globe.

The theme will remain the same as for this year's Working Week: Smart Surveyors for Land and Water Management -Challenges in a New Reality with an addition to also to reflect on the impact of COVID-19 on our profession.

In addition to the subthemes Smart Surveyors, Integrated Land and Water Management and Ten Years to Achieve the SDG’s, it is proposed to focus on the surveyor and the challenges they have in a unstable, uncertain, unpredictable world and with what technology, methods and procedures they face these new developments. How do surveyors adapt to these unexpected circumstances and what have we learned so far from these challenges?

Invitation to FIG e-Working Week 2021, 21-25 June.

Future FIG Conferences and working weeks include:

  • FIG Congress 2022, Cape Town, South Africa 
  • FIG Working Week 2023, Orlando, Florida, USA
  • FIG Working Week 2024, Accra, Ghana



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