LSC News - March 2023

March 3, 2023

welcome to new members

A special welcome to the land surveying members who have recently joined SSSI.

  • Absolom Mudimu, Interntional Member
  • Adam Aditya, VIC, Associate Member
  • Alessandro Oldoni, VIC, Member
  • Bradd Thexton, NT, Associate Member
  • Ching Pong So, International Member
  • Chris Vanderplas, WA, Member
  • Craig Tranter, WA, Member
  • Dane Preston, NSW, Other Professional
  • Daniel Voysey, QLD, Member
  • Daren  ROBSON, NSW, Other Professional
  • Evan Zissimos, VIC, 2nd Year Graduate
  • Fletcher Pearce, QLD, Member
  • Hazel Altundal, VIC, Member
  • Hettiarachchige Hashikahimal Gunaratna (Hashika), QLD, Member
  • Houssam Ahmed, International Associate
  • Ian Wright, NSW, Other Professional
  • Jawad Al Ahmadieh, Interntional Member
  • John Halabarec, VIC, Member
  • Joshua Potter, NSW, Other Professional
  • Kottage Jayasundara, NSW, Member
  • Krishan Christopher, QLD, Member
  • Kumanan Sivam, International Member
  • Lewis Sweet, QLD, Member
  • Lindsay Perry, VIC, Honorary Fellow 
  • Mark  Bolte, NSW, Other Professional
  • Mark Elliott, WA, Member
  • Michael Chapman, TAS, Member
  • Michele GLANZ, NSW, Other Professional
  • Musa Nyasulu, International Associate
  • Nevan Bennett, NSW, Other Professional
  • Nima Gyelpo, ACT , Member
  • Paul Swan, NSW, Other Professional
  • Ranjit Bohora, International Associate Member
  • Richard Mutape, NSW, Other Professional
  • Shijia Bao (Justin), VIC, 1st Year Graduate
  • Siu Man Eddy Chan, International Member
  • Timothy MacFarlane, WA, Member
  • Adam Farah, NSW, Student
  • David Sproule, NSW, Student
  • Jennifer Shamsi, NSW, Student
  • Mitchell Ford, NT, Student
  • Stephen Hall, NT, Student
  • Hashini Wijesooriya, International Student
  • Mahela Athukorala, International Student
  • Mohamed Hamthee, International Student
  • Oshini Perera, International Student
  • Shamali Wasalathilaka, International Student
  • Hayden Plummer, QLD, Student
  • Joel Coglan, QLD, Student
  • Johanna Wilson, QLD, Student
  • Justin Matthews, QLD, Student
  • Luke Carey, QLD, Student
  • Ashan Dissanayaka, International Student
  • Jonathan Renda, VIC, Student
  • Liam Rudge, VIC, Student
  • Jed De Noronha, WA, Student


Over the next three years, the Surveying & Spatial Sciences (SSSI) National Land Surveying Committee (NLSC) is focused towards increasing the public’s understanding of the surveying profession and to better navigate change that recognises new skills and opportunity in a new frontier for surveying. This is being championed via Project Sirius.

Project Sirius, named after the European name for the brightest night star, used as a reference for navigation in the Pacific. We acknowledge the history of astronomy in Australian First Nations, and chose this name as an invitation to talk about the history of surveying in Australia and the industry's journey towards Reconciliation. Using the FIG definition of the function of a surveyor as a reference, Project Sirius aims to improve how the community perceives surveying and how surveyors perceive and promote themselves.

The intended outcome of Project Sirius will be to test the public perception of a "typical" surveyor, highlighting the variety, opportunity, and adventure of surveying to:

  • Dramatically improve diversity
  • Enhance public and industry perception and recognition of surveyors
  • Increase opportunity for retention of existing talent and graduates
  • Support attracting new entrants to the surveying profession
  • Boost university graduate and post graduate study, VET, and formal education
  • Attract talent from cross disciplines other allied industries and fields.

Over the past few months, the LSC has had the opportunity to speak about Project Sirius at a number of SSSI Regional Conferences. Either Lee Hellen and Michael Nietschke have addressed large audiences at the Tasmania Surveying and Spatial Conference, the Victorian Surveying & Spatial Summit and the Queensland Regional Conference. 

Lee Hellen addresses the audience at the Tasmanian Surveying & Spatial Conference

FIG2022 Congress in warsaw, poland

In early September, SSSI President, Paul Digney represented SSSI and Australia at the FIG2022 Congress in Warsaw, Poland. This event highlighted the lead role our geospatial community has in achieving the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), championing the digital transformation and finally supporting diversity and inclusive workforces. Click here to read the summary report of FIG2022 Congress.