LSC News - September 2020

September 15, 2020

We would like to extend a warm welcome to new members to SSSI and the Land Surveying Commission.

Robert Elgood ACT Charles Deng VIC
Joshua Lieschke NSW Eamonn Pinnuck VIC
Leo Li NSW Eden Coombes VIC
Allen Ledger QLD Hayden Etheridge VIC
Anthony Cramphorn QLD Ivan Kulaha VIC
Ben BlackBurn QLD Jack Pandolfo VIC
Jared Pinkstone QLD Jake Gleeson VIC
Harrison Baker SA Jeremey Clarke VIC
Sam Scandrett TAS John Baraniak VIC
Sam King WA Julian Gubbels VIC
Chi Leong Yeung Overseas Leah Milekic VIC
Jeffrey Yiu Overseas Paul Andrews VIC
Radisa Malavige Overseas Thomas Roberts VIC
    Zoe Hille VIC


regional land surveying news


Land Use Victoria's Customer Information Bulletin Issue 205 (August 2020)  is now online. It is also also available at

This CIB Issue 205 contains information for LUV customers and subscribers on the following:

  • Processing time for land transactions
  • Melbourne Strategic Assessment program – notifications recorded under the new Act
  • Victorian Water Register payment and process changes
  • Entitlement to sign registry instruments
  • Mortgages lodged for registration must be on the same terms as mortgage granted by the mortgagor
  • Administrative Notices to convert pCTs to eCTs and Certification 6
  • New ARNECC Notice to Subscribers
  • Adverse possession applications and the Fences Act 1968 – Magistrates’ Court Orders
  • SPEAR ELN payment methods
  • Crown Diagrams – for Crown folios and Plans of Crown Allotments
Southern Grampians Planning Scheme Amendment C54

Proposes to implement the findings of the Hamilton Flood Investigation 2012 by introducing a new Flood Overlay and modify the existing Land Subject to Inundation Overlays within and around the City of Hamilton.

Submissions closed on 21 September, a directions hearing is planned for 25 January 2021 and panel hearing 22 February, 2021.

Southern Grampians Planning Scheme Amendment C58

Proposes to implement the findings of the Coleraine Flood Investigation 2018 by introducing a Flood Overlay (FO) to areas that are likely to convey active flood flows and store floodwaters to hazardous depths. A Land Subject to Inundation Overlay (LSIO) is proposed to be applied to floodplains which have a lower flood risk than areas in the FO.

Applies to land within and around the Township of Coleraine

Submissions closed on 21 September a directions hearing is planned for 25 January 2021 and panel hearing 22 February, 2021.

Greater Geelong Planning Scheme Amendment C394

Applies to private and public land along the coastline of the Bellarine Peninsula and Corio Bay. Localities affected include Avalon, Lara, Corio, Geelong, East Geelong, Newcomb, Moolap, Leopold, Bellarine, Portarlington, Indented Head, St Leonards, Swan Bay, Ocean Grove, Wallington, Barwon Heads, Connewarre and Breamlea. Proposes to implement the Bellarine Peninsula - Corio Bay Local Coastal Hazard Assessment (December 2015). Introduces a new Land Subject to Inundation Overlay Schedule 2 (LSIO2) and applies the LSIO2 to properties identified as being subject to coastal inundation as a result of the combined effects of storm surge and 0.8 metre sea level rise by 2100.


On 31st August last month, the Minister for Planning introduced Amendment VC186 a code for Secondary Dwellings to enable a streamlined pathway for the development of one additional small dwelling on the same lot as an existing ‘principal’ dwelling across a range of residential zones.  

At this stage, the code involves only the City of Greater Bendigo, City of Kingston, City of Moreland and Shire of Murrinndindi, and applies to their Residential Growth, General Residential, Neighbourhood Residential, Mixed Use and Township zones. The dwelling must meet specific standards under Clause 55 to qualify as VicSmart

This pilot program will run for 7 months and at its conclusion, it is envisaged that a further amendment will introduce this code to all Victorian Planning Schemes.

In addition, a permit cannot be granted to subdivide the land to create a lot that contains a dwelling constructed under a permit granted by this new provision. A mandatory condition will be imposed on the permit to require the owner to enter into a S173 agreement that prohibits the subdivision.


To complement the code for Secondary Dwellings introduced by Amendment VC186, a digital assessment pathway tool has been developed to assist applicants in determining if their secondary dwelling application can be considered through the VicSmart pathway.  The tool provides greater clarity for applicants who can enter their address and answer a series of questions linked to the code criteria to validate whether it is eligible for the VicSmart pathway, making the starting point clearer for applicants and more efficient for Councils.

The assessment tool and further information on secondary dwellings, including Frequently Asked Questions, a short explanatory animation and case studies can be accessed from the Secondary Dwellings webpage

Webinar: Victoria's Naming Rules

If you missed Victoria’s Naming Rules webinar held on Wednesday 2 September by Rafe Benli, Project Manager, Geographic Names Victoria, DELWP, you can access the recording of the session on SSSI eCPD website here

Victoria's naming rules for roads and places are currently under review. This presentation focuses on the statutory review of the Naming Rules, the expected timeline and possible changes and how this may impact the Surveying industry.

CPD Point Allocation
SSSI: One point
FPET: One development planning point
​BOSSI: 1.0 Survey Practice Point (SSSINSW1010), with 80% pass mark of completed questionnaire or 0.5 SP point for watching only - contact for a copy. 


From Queensland, there are two series running concurrently, with around one webinar per month from  the Cadastral Endorsement Competency Framework (CECF) Series and Registered Surveyor Competency Framework (RSCF) Series.

Recordings of past webinars can be found on our eCPD page.

  1. RSCF Series: How to use and maintain GNSS surveying instruments, Dale Atkinson – click here
  2. RSCF Series: How to establish, measure and adjust horizontal and vertical survey control using GNSS. Graham Jensen - click here
  3. CECF Series: Tips for Reinstating existing Boundaries and Marking, Ewen Sneddon – click here
  4. CECF Series: Searching for documentary evidence and search for physical evidence, Dale Atkinson – click here
  5. CECF Series: Understand and apply relevant Law for Cadastral Surveyors, Alistair Byrom - click here
Future webinars planned are:

Cadastral Endorsement Competency Framework Series

Prepare and manage basic development and basic state action applications

Tuesday 20 October                

Presented by Brazier Motti 

Click here tor register

Design Lots and Layouts for cadastral surveyors 

Tuesday 10 November

Presented by Bennett + Bennett – details to come


Registered Surveyor Competency Framework Series

Survey and calculate volumes and quantities

Tuesday 27 October                 

Presented by Land Solution Australia.

Click here to register

How to geodetic reference systems including GDA 2020 using GNSS           

Date to be confirmed

Presenter details to come

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