National Parks Australia uses drones to remotely find and track elusive wildlife

February 28, 2019

Tracking rare species isn’t easy as they’re often far from urban areas and spread across difficult terrain - it doesn’t help that GPS trackers and radio collars only send out infrequent, weak signals to preserve battery life.

For the National Parks Association’s efforts to track rare Rosenberg’s goannas in the ACT’s Namadgi National Park, that has meant scaling cliffs with heavy equipment in an effort to pick up faint signals from far off goannas.

Then comes the less-than-enviable task of finding said goannas in rugged terrain and downloading historical GPS data from their trackers.

Now, the NPA has partnered with Canberra-based startup Wildlife Drones to not only increase the height of radio receivers and speed up the coverage of a national park that covers almost half of the ACT.

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