National Young Professionals Mentoring Program - expressions of interest

April 12, 2018

We are currently seeking expressions of interest for a 4 month mentoring program from July to October 2018 in a number of states around the nation. If you want to fast track your early career, we'll help you achieve!

If you are driven, curious about the profession, self-motivated and passionate about making the most of your early career, this program will help you to network to meet the right people, learn about the skills that you will need to succeed and give you insights into what the real world is like in your line of work. We welcome members of all commissions to join, and are looking for people who are in their last or second last year of their undergraduate degree or any year of postgraduate degree. 

We welcome young professionals who have been working in the industry and are looking to further develop their leadership and management skills and pass on some of their cultivated knowledge and experience about the industry. This is a great opportunity to influence the people who will change the future, discover fresh perspectives and to earn CPD points for your professional career development. 

The four month program will involve approximately 1-2 hours per fortnight from the mentee and 1 hour a fortnight for the mentor. There will be an inception meet-up event held in each participating region to kick off the program, and an awards ceremony within each region upon completion of the program. 

Eight themes will be provided for consideration and discussion, with short surveys for the mentee on these each fortnight. Timing of these meetings between mentor and mentee can be flexible as long as they are successfully completed before the end of the program in October 2018. 

Want to be part of this?
We are currently accepting expressions of interest for mentors and mentees - please email to find out more, and forward this page to someone you think might be interested!

Limited spaces are available in each state/territory, so get in quick to secure your spot!

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